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Un plan parfait

Fly Me to the Moon (Australia)
A Perfect Plan (USA)

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2012 October, 31
104 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Romance
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 10 292 492

In Paris, Corinne "Coco" brings her chief Valérie to spend the Christmas Eve with her family. Valérie is depressed since she is newly divorced and Coco decides to tell the story of her sister Isabelle to Valérie to cheer her up. Isabelle is a dentist that has been living with and working in the same office of her boyfriend Pierre for ten years. When they decide to get married, Isabelle and Coco are worried about the family curse that every first marriage ends in divorce. Isabelle and Coco arrange a marriage for Isabelle with a student in Copenhagen so that she can immediately divorce to marry Pierre to live happily ever after. In the flight, Isabelle meets the inconvenient free-spirited tourism columnist Jean-Yves that is traveling to Kenya. When the student does not show up, Isabelle decides to travel to Kenya to marry Jean-Yves. She has the chance when they travel to visit a Masai people when they get married. Isabelle returns to Paris and when she goes to schedule her wedding with ... - IMDb

Изабель мечтает о свадьбе. Но на её семье лежит проклятие. Все первые браки неминуемо заканчиваются разводами. Поэтому, когда ее парень делает ей предложение, Изабель решает перехитрить судьбу. Она отыскивает первого попавшегося лузера, влюбляет его в себя и: вместо того, чтобы развестись, случайно влюбляется сама.

Fly Me to the Moon Australia
Fly Me to the Moon Canada
Gamos se doseis (transliterated title) Greece
Kế Hoạch Hoàn Hảo Vietnam
Liebe den Nächsten West Germany
Llévame a la Luna Spain
Der Nächste, bitte! West Germany
Nevainojams plāns Latvia
A Perfect Plan USA
A Perfect Plan India
A Perfect Plan  
A Perfect Plan United Kingdom
En perfekt plan Norway
Porta'm a la lluna Spain
Puikus planas Lithuania
Savršen plan Croatia
Um Plano Perfeito Brazil
Um Plano Perfeito Portugal
Un piano perfetto Italy
Un plan parfait Canada
Un plan parfait France
Un plan perfect Romania
Véletlen boldogság Hungary
Wyszłam za mąż, zaraz wracam Poland
Γάμος σε δόσεις Greece
Заміж на 2 дні Ukraine
Замуж на 2 дня Russia
Перфектен план Bulgaria
バツイチは恋のはじまり Japan
真愛找冤家 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Malonn Lévana Louise

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Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 10 292 492