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Fist of the North Star (1995)
Action / Fantasy
Chaos Walking (2021)
Action / Adventure
Sweet Tooth (2021)
Action / Adventure
Breach (2020)
Action / Sci-Fi
La terza madre (2007)
Drama / Horror
Outlaw King (2018)
Action / Biography
Tom and Jerry (2021)
Animation / Comedy
WandaVision (2021)
Action / Comedy
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021)
Animation / Adventure

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Un vaisseau spatial s'écrase sur une planète inconnue, aride et éclairée par trois soleils qui ne se couchent jamais.
Pitch Black
Eva Duarteová bola chudobná, ale mimoriadne ctižiadostivá mladá herečka, ktorej sa podarilo vďaka vlastným...
12+ Комедия.
Yann, un jeune cuisinier, travaille dans une cantine scolaire en attendant mieux.
Une vie meilleure
Sarah, séparée de son mari, prend la route avec son fils Chris, pour emménager dans leur nouveau domicile, une ancienne maison défraîchie, installée en pleine forêt.
The Hole in the Ground
C'est la fin de l'année scolaire et Lea, 10 ans, rêveuse et solitaire, n'a pas de projet pour les vacances d'été qui arrivent.
Reine d'un été
12+ Комедия.
amerikai akcióvígjáték,1998
Lee felügyelő, a hongkongi rendőrség büszkesége Amerikába utazik, hogy a kínai konzul elrabolt lányát felkutassa.
12+ Комедия.
Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by slightly mad scientist.
Назад в будущее
Najnovší prírastok medzi filmovými spracovaniami komixov spoločnosti Marvel prináša na strieborné plátno príbeh...

Added Movies

Year: 1940
Country: USA
Genre: Drama / Romance
Review: A brassy young lady, concerned with the outmoded ways in which her German-immigrant father runs his shoe-cobbling business, convinces his staff to go on strike. They do just that, but when their boss pretends to have a heart attack, the situation gets out of hand. - IMDb
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Year: 1938
Country: USA
Genre: Action / Adventure / Romance
Review: When Prince John and the Norman Lords begin oppressing the Saxon masses in King Richard's absence, a Saxon lord fights back as the outlaw leader of a rebel guerrilla army. - IMDb
Two Weeks to Live
Year: 1943
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy
Review: When Abner is mistakenly diagnosed as having only two weeks to live, his partner gets the idea that they can make a ton of money by having Abner perform all kinds of dangerous stunts. - IMDb
Strong Medicine (TV)
Year: 1986
Country: UK USA
Genre: Drama
Review: A woman starts working for a prestigious pharmaceutical company that's developing a new miraculous cure. Soon, she discovers what a devious and cut-throat business pharmaceutical industry can be. - IMDb
Blackeyes (TV)
Year: 1989
Country: Australia New Zealand UK
Genre: Drama
Review: Blackeyes is an attempt to explore "what does go on between men and women in their heads, to show the possibilities of the ways that they see each other." Complex and multi-layered, the interweaving narrative threads include novelist Maurice James Kingsley who appropriates accounts by his niece Jessica about her life as a professional model. Kingsley's embellishments become a trashy bestseller, "Sugar Bush," tracing the rise and decline of fictional fashion model Blackeyes, victimized by men. Angry and betrayed, Jessica begins to rewrite Kingsley's novel to set Blackeyes free from the abuse of men. - IMDb
Kevin and Co (TV series)
Year: 1992
Country: UK
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Salome's Last Dance
Year: 1988
Country: UK USA
Genre: Biography / Comedy / Drama
Review: Guy Fawkes Day, 1892. Oscar Wilde goes to a performance of his controversial, banned play 'Salome'. The 'theatre's a brothel and the performers... prostitutes. - IMDb
Fist of the North Star
Year: 1995
Country: USA
Genre: Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Review: Based on a graphic novel, this apocalyptic adventure centers on a man who must reverse the cataclysmic conditions of his world. - IMDb
The Jackie Robinson Story
Year: 1950
Country: USA
Genre: Biography / Drama / Sport
Review: Biography of Jackie Robinson, the first black major league baseball player in the 20th century. Traces his career in the negro leagues and the major leagues. - IMDb
Home Movie: The Princess Bride (TV)
Year: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: Short / Comedy / Fantasy
Review: Serialized remake of 'The Princess Bride' told in short chapters featuring celebrities at home during quarantine. - IMDb