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Mystère Place Vendôme (TV)
Year: 2017
Country: France
Genre: Drama / Mystery
Review: Jeanne is the recognized sauce Chef of a Parisian palace that just opened on the Place Vendôme. She discovers that her son Paul has been kidnapped. If she wants to see him alive she must murder an Austro-Hungarian emissary during a diplomatic dinner party that is to be held at the hotel. Ignoring the kidnappers' warnings, the poor distraught Jeanne goes after her son. There are only a few days left to free Paul before the fateful date, when if it be so, she'll be forced to murder the emissary. - IMDb

Kangxi City
Year: 1989
Country: South Korea
Review: The story takes place in Kang Si City during the main character's summer vacation when she goes to her grandmother's house to play. The young ghost was a woman who was murdered by robbers and was originally from the Chinese city of Jiangxi.

Sommarkollo (TV series)
Year: 2017
Country: Finland
Genre: Drama
Review: Sommarkollo is a web and TV drama series for 8-12 year olds where we follow five 12-year old kids during a weeklong summer camp. A Scandinavian summer filled with drama, love, disappointments, friends and adventure. - IMDb

Year: 2017
Country: Finland
Genre: Short / Drama
Review: A 12-year-old boy plunders garbage cans in a suburb. He is searching for something that gives him a reward. - IMDb

Little Monsters
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Genre: Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller
Review: James and Carl were only 10 years old when they kidnapped and murdered 3-year-old David McClendon. They were caught, tried, convicted and placed in separate juvenile facilities. At 18 years old, both are given new names and released back into society - much to the horror of the nation. They can have no contact with each other or with their past friends or relatives. The story follows the lives of these two boys as they try to start over, escape the past and survive the growing outcry following their release. - IMDb

Belle et Sébastien 3, le dernier chapitre
Year: 2017
Genre: Adventure / Family

Dvizhenie vverkh
Year: 2017
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama / Sport
Review: Going Vertical is a film based on real events that occurred in 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. It focuses on a legendary final battle between USSR and USA basketball teams. - IMDb

White Shadow
Year: 2013
Country: Tanzania Germany Italy
Genre: Drama
Review: The story of Alias, a young Albino on the run, hunted by local witch doctors who use Albinos body parts for their potions. - IMDb

Kogda vozvrashchaetsya proshloe (TV Series)
Year: 2017
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Drama / Romance

How Olin Lost His Eye
Year: 2013
Country: Ireland
Genre: Short / Comedy / Horror
Review: While exploring a burnt-out house, Olin loses an eye. - IMDb

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