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Avatar: The Last Air... (2024)
James and the Giant ... (1996)
The Zone of Interest (2023)
Plein Ouest (2019)
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Peter Rabbit 2: The ... (2021)
Guilty by Suspicion (1991)
The Hunger (1983)
Beau Is Afraid (2023)
Crimes of the Future (2022)
Germinal (1993)
Pushkin’s Pant... (2019)
My Sister’s Bi... (2017)
One Small Step (2017)
¡Ve! (2018)

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Film 1951
Major Daniel Kirby takes command of a squadron of Marine fliers just before they are about to go into combat.
BRD  1958 Musikmelodram Spielfilm
USA  2000 Romantikkomödie Spielfilm
Bob Ho, čínsky špión, pracuje pre CIA na dolapení muža menom Poldark.
Великобритания, 1960-е годы.
Jess je zakríknutý chlapec, ktorý celé leto poctivo trénuje beh, aby sa stal najrýchlejším vo svojej triede...
olasz játékfilm,1962
Több éves utcai munka után egy középkorú prosti félretett pénzéből lakást vesz és otthagyja munkáját, ám utolérik múltjának tragikus következményei.

Rendezte: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Főszereplők: Anna Magnani, Ettore Garofolo, Fran
GB/F/D  2011 Geheimdienstkrimi Spielfilm
Считавшаяся погибшей при кораблекрушении жена возвращается домой после семилетнего отсутствия в тот самый день, когда она официально объявляется мёртвой и муж, наконец, вступает в новый брак.
Приключения отважного юнги, которому во время дальнего плавания пришлось заменить капитана корабля.
thriller, Japonia/USA 2018
Kobieta musi stawić czoło bezwzględnym przestępcom, którzy zagrażają jej rodzinie.
amerikai horror,2020
Egy fiatal háziasszony legyilkolja a családját a saját házukban.
V roku 1925 sa legendárny britský bádateľ Percy Fawcett vydal do amazonskej džungle pátrať po bájnej stratenej...
film kryminalny, Włochy 2019
27 Feb, 00:15
Film 2016
Ben and Leslie Cash have long lived largely off the grid with their offspring - Bodevan, Kielyr, Vespyr, Rellian, Zaja and Nai - in a cabin in the mountains of Washington state.

Added Movies

Tikhie vody (TV series)
Year: 2022
Country: Russia
Genre: Mystery
Review: Former police psychiatrist Kira Ustyanova gets a job in an elite private clinic, which, in circumstances of the strictest secrecy, treats wealthy clients for neuroses and eating disorders. Two teenage girls are taken to the clinic - presumably after a suicide attempt. Their father, a wealthy businessman, died the day before under mysterious circumstances, their mother disappeared a few years before. The case is being handled by Kira's husband, who recently became an ex. - IMDb
Tayfun (mini)
IMDb: 5.3/10  (10)
Year: 2023
Country: Russia
Genre: Action
Review: The head of the FSB special operations, Denis Volkov, receives an important task - to catch and deliver to Russia a hacker nicknamed Prizma. After stealing the formula for a secret chemical weapon, she is hunted by an international arms dealer and US intelligence. Denis finds out Prizma's whereabouts and goes there with his squad to intercept her. However, unexpected difficulties arise during the operation and Denis has to face a difficult choice - to act in the interests of the Motherland or save his family. - IMDb
Valyusha (TV series)
Year: 2023
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama / Romance
Review: Valentina has worked for many years as a nanny and housekeeper at the Koretskys country house. Valyusha has unquestioned authority among the servants, the respect of the owners - Eleonora and Lev Borisovich - and their children. And recently, a new acquaintance Arkadiy began to look after her. But suddenly her ex-husband Valery returns to her life. He begins to blackmail Valentina, threatening to reveal the secrets of her past. - IMDb
Zerkalo lzhi (TV series)
Year: 2023
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama / Mystery / Romance
Review: Children's speech therapist Dina has a happy and measured life: her daughter Olya and her beloved man Sergei, with whom she has long been planning to legalize her relationship. Dina met her best friends - Nelya, Yana and Anna - in her first year of pedagogical school, and since then they have been inseparable. Everything changes when Yana dies under strange circumstances, and her husband accuses Dina of the crime. And now the heroine, together with Nelya and their new acquaintance, investigator Evgeniy, must understand this complicated case in order to prove her innocence. But Dina will have to look for her friend's killer in secret from her beloved man. - IMDb
Nedetskoe kino (TV series)
IMDb: 6.0/10  (16)
Year: 2024
Country: Russia
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Romance
Review: Schoolchildren Danya and Taisiya accidentally activate a time portal, launching the hero Danslav, Zhaba Zhabovna, Kikimora, Koshchey, Leshiy and other fairy-tale characters into our world. Meeting them inspires shy Danya to take up festival cinema and search for his father, perform feats for the sake of Taisiya and improve relationships with his mother and grandmother. Only adventures in time upset the balance in the world, and now the teenager has to fix everything and bring new friends home, which is not included in the plans of the mad inventor, Taisiya's father and other heroes. - IMDb
Vnutri ubiytsy (TV series)
IMDb: 7.2/10  (17)
Year: 2024
Country: Russia
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Review: Based on the New York Times and Washington Post bestselling serial-killer thriller. The police of Saint-Petersburg follow the trail of a maniac - the strangler does not just kill young women but transforms their bodies into art objects posing his victims in public spaces as if they are still alive. Zoya Volgina, a well-known forensic psychologist, and Timofey Volokh, a special ops division officer, team up to find the slayer. Together, they must descend into a serial killer's psyche and untangle his twisted fantasies, or more women will die. - IMDb
Kehrseite des Schweigens
Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Genre: Short / Drama
Game On
IMDb: 2.6/10  (122)
Year: 2024
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Adventure / Comedy
Review: When a hyper dimensional crack arises between our reality and the game world, the best gaming players in the Netherlands must enter the game world to save their country. - IMDb
Doute Raisonnable (Reasonable Doubt) (TV series)
IMDb: 7.2/10  (77)
Year: 2021
Country: Canada
Genre: Thriller
Review: It explicates techniques of a new Sex Crimes Investigation Unit (GICCS). - IMDb
Le bonheur (TV series)
IMDb: 7.3/10  (48)
Year: 2022
Country: Canada
Genre: Comedy
Review: -After a nervous breakdown, François Plante, a high school teacher, decides to leave everything behind and move to a farmhouse in the country with his wife and their teenage son. He hopes to write his famous novel, raise chickens and goats, make his own cheese, and live a free and peaceful life, organic, eco-friendly and in tune with the seasons, but his promise of happiness will not be a happy one as many unforeseen events surface. - IMDb