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Sûpu: Umarekawari no monogatari

Also known as: Soup
Director: Yuki Otsuka
Release: 7 Jul 2012
Country: Japan
Runtime: 117 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

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A 50-year-old salaryman named Kenichi Shibuya has been divorced for five years and has an awkward relationship with his daughter Mika. The day before Mika's 15th birthday, he's killed by a bolt of lightning on the side of the road along with one of his superiors from the office, Ayase. In the afterlife, they're told they can be reincarnated if they drink a "legendary soup", but they'll lose all memories from their former life in the process. Refusing to accept the idea of forgetting his daughter, Shibuya instead tries to unravel the secrets of the soup by wandering around the afterlife with Ayase as he attempts to continue his fatherly role from the other side. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Yuiko Kariya Mika

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