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Wanderlust (USA)

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2012 February, 16
98 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 21 612 733


When on TV?

23 May, 20:45 Nova Cinema
26 May, 00:55 Nova Cinema

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In New York, the aspirant filmmaker Linda convinces her husband George Gergenblatt to buy an expensive Micro Loft apartment in Manhattan. Linda expects to sell a documentary about penguins to HBO to help the payment of the installments and George expects a promotion. However, HBO rejects the documentary and George's company has folded and he is fired. With the American financial crisis, they lose a large amount selling the apartment and George does not find a new job. George's brother Rick offers a job position in his company in Atlanta. They drive from New York to Atlanta and they decide to stop for the night in the hotel Elysium. However they see a naked man running toward their car and George tries to return to the highway but accidentally he turns his car over. Soon they learn the Elysium is a hippie and vegan community and the dwellers invite George and Linda to stay with them. However, they decide to go to Atlanta but soon George has an argument with his arrogant brother. George returns to Elysium with Linda and they decide to stay for a two-week trial. A couple of days later, Linda feels well with her new friends but George has difficulties to adapt himself to the rules of Elysium. - IMDb

Герои фильма Линда и Джордж — самые обыкновенные городские жители. И живут они в самом обыкновенном Нью-Йорке. Но что делать, когда быт и окружающие тебя люди, то, чем ты занимаешься, да и вообще всё вокруг, начинает тебя жутко раздражать? Выход один — сменить обстановку. Так и поступает семейная пара, меняя суматошный Нью-Йорк на более спокойный небольшой городок, чтобы отдохнуть, а заодно приобщиться к тамошней культуре.

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Children's Cast:

John D'Leo [16] Tanner
Ian Patrick [9] Grisham

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