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Csak a szél

Just the Wind (World-wide)

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2012 February, 16
95 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 128 962

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News quickly spreads of the murder of a Romany family in a Hungarian village. The perpetrators have escaped and nobody claims to know who might have committed the crime. For another Romany family living close by, the murder only serves to confirm their latent, carefully repressed fears. Far away in Canada the head of the family decides that his wife, children and their grandfather must join him as soon as possible. Living in fear of the racist terror that surrounds them and feeling abandoned by the silent majority, the family tries to get through the day after the attack. By nightfall when darkness descends on the village the family pushes the beds closer together than usual. Yet their hope of escaping the madness proves illusory. Based on an actual series of killings in Hungary that claimed the lives of eight people in less than a year, Bence Fliegauf portrays the pogrom-like atmosphere which breeds such violence. The camera stays hot on the heels of the protagonists, making the breathless escalation of events physically palpable. - IMDb

Анна — юная девушка, ее 11-летний брат Рио, их мать уборщица Мари и престарелый дедушка Томи — все они живут в ужасе от слухов о кровавых расправах, совершаемых в округе над ромами, которых зовут здесь «воронами». Глава семейства работает в Канаде и отчаянно пытается забрать родных к себе, но он далеко, а опасность совсем рядом. Когда приходит ночь, испуганные люди сдвигают поближе кровати, чтобы вместе перебороть ужас, таящийся в темноте. Но страшная ночь бесконечно длинна, а охотники уже близко…

Anemos psyhis Greece
Apenas o Vento Brazil
Apenas o Vento Portugal
Just the Wind Germany
Just the Wind France
Just the Wind Sweden
Just the Wind (Europe)  
Just the Wind (World-wide)  
Monaha o anemos (festival title) Greece
Sadece Rüzgar (Turkish title) Turkey
Samo vetar (literal title) Serbia
Samo veter Slovenia
Solo el viento Spain
To tylko wiatr Poland
Просто ветер Russia

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