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Author: tompannerman

Movie: Fellini - Satyricon (1969)
Posted: 3 Jun 2013
It's a load of crap. Don't bother to watch it.
Movie: Czarne stopy (1987)
Posted: 12 Mar 2013
A well devised and entertaining film; made all the more enjoyable by the subtitles. Apart from the splendid rural Polish countryside; with a superb mixture of forestry, river and mountain streams,...
Movie: Grand chemin, Le (1987)
Posted: 2 Mar 2013
In terms of a good balance between acting and all that is typically French, I would rate this film quite highly. I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoys the unrefined rural existence of a...
Movie: Water Horse, The (2007)
Posted: 14 Feb 2013
It is very rare these days to have the good fortune to watch a children’s film made in the UK. But this film has all of the merits of good acting; superb scenery (Scotland) and a story that is both...
Movie: Nesmluvená setkání (1995)
Posted: 5 Feb 2013
This film differs quite refreshingly from most others of this genre, and with scenery that could be found on a planet similar to Earth, the overall atmosphere is agreeable. Made for Czech TV: which...
Movie: Neon Bible, The (1995)
Posted: 4 Feb 2013
The Neon Bible is a very poignant tale of past but limited fame, coming to terms with being out on a limb and a young boy’s involvement in family disputes, conflicting ideals and the mindlessness of...
Movie: Ivanovo detstvo (1962)
Posted: 3 Feb 2013
Of the many great films to come out of Russia, Ivan’s childhood ranks amongst the best. Although it is B&W and produced in 1962, it superbly evokes the harsh realities of warfare. The boy actor who...
Movie: Where Eskimos Live (2002)
Posted: 31 Jan 2013
Every so often a film comes along that has a top notch actor in it, and this particular case, none more so than Bob Hoskins. But the storyline seems to leave him at odds with his part as an...
Movie: Último tren, El (2002)
Posted: 31 Jan 2013
The praiseworthy reasons behind the plot of this film tend to make it all the more enjoyable. Made in a country that is not renowned for its filmmaking, it sticks its head way above many produced in...
Movie: Eno nakano bokuno mura (1996)
Posted: 30 Jan 2013
Considering what the Japanese people have had to tolerate over the past six decades or so; including the aftermath of WW2, the period between then and now has proven their worth when it comes to...

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