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Author: tompannerman

Movie: Temps du loup, Le (2003)
Posted: 27 Jan 2013
Much of this film relies upon guesswork, knowledge of survival in its most desperate form, and a mixture of patience and understanding of human emotions, and being confronted with abject and...
Movie: Guerre du feu, La (1981)
Posted: 23 Jan 2013
This is quite a fascinating film, giving us an insight into the problems facing the need for fire and existence as a whole. There is in fact more than just a rear shot of a boy in the tribe, for...
Movie: Du er ikke alene (1978)
Posted: 21 Jan 2013
You are not Alone is not a remarkable film in terms of acting quality, plot or overall atmosphere. Although the two main characters have been suitably chosen to reduce the blatancy of the...
Movie: Io non ho paura (2003)
Posted: 15 Jan 2013
I have to say that this is not a film I would recommend to anyone who expects either a gripping tale or notable acting. But then it is Italian, and very few Italian film-makers have managed to...
Movie: Shadrach (1998)
Posted: 13 Jan 2013
In terms of the shameful history of slavery and racial prejudice in America, this film does much to illustrate the ability of casting scorn on that problem, and in fact provides us with an almost...
Movie: Gloire de mon père, La (1990)
Posted: 12 Jan 2013
In terms of films about boyhood, this one is an unrivalled gem. It evokes the true essence of exploration; the excitement of learning, and above all, the treasured and priceless importance of...
Movie: Château de ma mère, Le (1990)
Posted: 12 Jan 2013
This is a truly remarkable film, with faultless acting, and as close to the period as a film can produce. Without being overbearing or inappropriate, the music fits in quite pleasingly and the...
Movie: Robby (1968)
Posted: 7 Jan 2013
A charming film with an implausible plot. The acting has much to be desired, but they were only very young, so bless their hearts, as the saying goes. The stills, however, are quite intriguing!
Movie: Genesis Children, The (1972)
Posted: 7 Jan 2013
This is without doubt one of the most rediculous films I have ever seen. It has no plot; the acting is pitiful and the actual camerawork can only be described as risible! As far as I can tell, it was...
Movie: Cuore di mamma (1969)
Posted: 7 Jan 2013
In a nutshell, this is quite a remarkable film; intriguing in terms of an apparent but dysfunctional family bonding, yet somewhat disturbing. The nudity blends well with the story line and is not...

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