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Rustlers' Rhapsody

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1985 May, 10
88 minutes
Comedy / Western
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 6 090 497

While the audience watches a black and white horse opera, a narrator's voice wonders what such a movie would be like today. Rex O'Herlihan, The Singing Cowboy, finds himself in color and enters a cliché-ridden town, in which the evil cattle baron (Andy Griffith) and the new Italian cowboys (who always wear raincoats no matter how hot it gets) join forces to get him and the sheep ranchers to leave the valley. - IMDb

Addio vecchio West Italy
Az Éneklő cowboy Hungary
Ese loco, loco, oeste americano (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Esos locos cuatreros Spain
O Vaqueiro Cantador Brazil
El Quijote del oeste Argentina
Rhapsodie in Blei West Germany
Şarkıcı Kovboy (Turkish title) Turkey
Vihoviimeinen hevosooppera Finland
Каубойска рапсодия (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Ковбойская рапсодия (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Juan Miguel Manrique Town Boy

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