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Rocky IV

Rocky Vs. Drago - The Ultimate Director's Cut (2021) (USA: director's cut)

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1985 November, 21
91 minutes
Drama / Sport
$ 30 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 300 473 716


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Ever since his match with clubber lane, rocky balboa has a peaceful life. And now he and former champion, Apollo creed, enjoy good times and are now the best of friends. But Rocky's peaceful life as a boxer gets paused after a match Apollo went into. Unfortunately, Creed fought Ivan drago, a 6'5" russian who has never lost a match, and sadly, brutally murders Apollo in the ring. A funeral is held and times start going downhill fast. Now, in order to restore honor, rocky challenges drago to a match and must beat him for sweet, bitter vengeance - IMDb

В этой картине Рокки на своей шкуре ощутит, что такое советская школа бокса. Ему предстоит сразиться с гигантом из России – Иваном Драго. Этот монстр одним ударом оборвал жизнь тренера Рокки, Аполло Крида. Поклявшись отомстить за друга, Рокки начинает усиленно тренироваться и с этой целью едет прямиком в "империю зла".

Rocky 4 (Turkish title) Turkey
Rocky 4 (alternative title) Czech Republic
Rocky 4 (TV title) Finland
Rocky 4/Ho no onoyuujou Japan
Rocky 5 (alternative title) Czech Republic
Rocky IV - Der Kampf des Jahrhunderts West Germany
Rocky IV - Der Kampf des Jahrhunderts Germany
Rocky IV - Der Kampf des Jahrhunderts Austria
Rocky IV: I gigantomahia (video title) Greece
Rocky No 4 (transliterated title) Greece
Rocky Vs. Drago - The Ultimate Director's Cut (2021) (director's cut) USA
Roki 4 Serbia
Rokis 4 Lithuania
Ρόκι IV: Η γιγαντομαχία Greece
Роки IV (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Роккі IV Ukraine
Рокки 4 (Russian title) Soviet Union
ロッキー4 炎の友情 (Japanese title) Japan
洛基4:天下無敵 Taiwan
洛奇第四集:龍拳虎威 (Cantonese title) Hong Kong

Children's Cast:

Rocky Krakoff Rocky Jr.

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