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The Grey Zone


Aka: Gri Bolge (Turkey: Turkish title)
Director: Tim Blake Nelson
Year: 2001
Country: USA
Runtime: 108 minutes
Genre: Drama / History / War

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During the Jewish Holocaust of the Second World War, as part of the genocidal "Final Solution", several death camps are established in occupied Poland to recieve, process, and extreminate the Jews of Europe. To help run this massive machinery of death, the German S.S. establishes the Jewish Sonderkommandos: special groups of prisoners who will help run the gas chambers in exchange for special privileges, unheard of by Concentration Camp standards. "The Grey Zone" thus explores the life of 12th Auschwitz Sonderkommando, up to and including a major uprising in which the Sonderkommando destroyed two gas chambers after learning that they were to be killed and replaced by a new group of prisoners. - Anthony Hughes, IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Kamelia Grigorova Girl

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Posted: 3 Oct 2007, 00:00
How can they put a completely nude "little-girl" in this movie... I was shocked enough to see what took place, but was sick when it came to the part with Kamelia Grigorova in it. I have a 9yr.old & a 13yr.old, both girls... I hoped that the girl in the movie was of age, but looked the part...but I could not find anything to support that. How does a clip like this slip thru the system & why is the rating so lax... R-rated is the new PG-13... Society has allowed so much junk to elbow it's way into mainstream... Are we going to allow child nudity in also??? I hope not... I understand the seriousness of this film & believe me they got the point across... but did they have to take it this far??? I think not...

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