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Ma vie en l'air

Love Is in the Air (Australia: TV title)

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2005 June, 17
103 minutes
Comedy / Romance
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 2 553 520


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An instructor for an airline company, Yann Kerbec, uses flight simulators to evaluate pilots' abilities to handle extreme conditions. But Yann has a small problem: he's afraid of flying, a debilitating panic linked to his birth and which, in his youth, stopped him from following the woman of his dreams to the end of the world. Today Yann is thirty years old. With nostalgia and humor, he reflects upon his trauma and delivers a scathing stocktaking of his love affairs that turned to custard because of his phobia. What, with his crusade to increase airline security and trying to manage his disastrous love life, Yann has reached a crossroads: he must overcome his demons and accept to grow up. - IMDb

Életem a levegöben (literal title) Hungary
Havada ask var (Turkish title) Turkey
Love Is in the Air (TV title) Australia
Love Is in the Air (DVD title) Germany
Minha Vida no Ar (alternative title) Brazil
O Amor Está no Ar Brazil
Szerelem száll a szélben Hungary
To koritsi ton oneiron tou (TV title) Greece
Um Amor Pelo Ar Portugal
Un amor de altura Spain
Любов във въздуха (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Tony Verzelle [14] Ludo enfant
Sasha Alliel [11] Yann enfant
Valerie Doublet Fille de Valérie
Cesar Doublet Fils de Valérie

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