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Chûgakusei Maruyama

Aka: Maruyama, the Middle Schooler (World-wide)
Director: Kankurô Kudô
Year: 2013
Country: Japan
Runtime: 119 minutes
Genre: Comedy / Family

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Of what does a fourteen-year-old boy often think and fantasize? Well, supposedly the answer is mostly of an erotic nature and, more particularly, quite often self-eroticism. In this case our middle-school hero is not content to wonder. He is willing to put in the work, exercise and effort to achieve his goal. To complement our young man there is the offbeat father, obsessed mother and a whole cast of curious characters. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Takuma Hiraoka [15] Katsuya Maruyama
Nanami Nabemoto Akane Maruyama
Yuiko Kariya Yuzuka Shimizu

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