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Skrivánci na niti

Larks on a String (World-wide)

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1990 February, 16
94 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Romance
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 20 378

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Prague in the early 1950's. Bourgeois elements are being re-educated by working in a scrapyard full of the detritus of industrial society. The volunteer workers comprise a professor of literature, a public prosecutor, a dairyman, a saxophonist, a barber, and a young cook. Also working in the yard are a number of female prisoners serving a year for trying to defect... A camera crew arrives with potted plants and other props. An idyllic scene is created; the prisoners star briefly in a pro-North Korean newsreel before going back to work... The volunteers are striking because the scrapyard work quotas have risen without consultation. A union rep arrives to persuade them otherwise... The guard for the female prisoners gets married but the gypsy musicians make a mess at his reception. The cook flirts with one of the pretty prisoners and finally proposes... - IMDb

Allodole sul filo Italy
Alondras en el alambre Spain
Alondras en un hilo Argentina
Alouettes, le fil à la patte France
Andorinhas por um Fio Brazil
Kuin leivoset langalla Finland
Lärkmarionetter Sweden
Larks on a String (World-wide)  
Larks on a Thread  
Leeuweriken aan een draadje (informal literal title) Netherlands
Lerchen am Faden Germany
Lærker i snor Denmark
Pacsirták cérnaszálon Hungary
Pagidevmenoi korydalloi (DVD title) Greece
Skowronki na uwiezi Poland
Skylarks on a String  
Жаворонки на нити (Russian title) Soviet Union
Чучулиги на кoнец (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

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