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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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2005 April, 20
109 minutes
Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi
$ 50 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 104 478 416

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Everyone has bad mornings. You wake up late, you stub your toe, you burn the toast...but for a man named Arthur Dent, this goes far beyond a bad day. When he learns that a friend of his is actually an alien with advanced knowledge of Earth's impending destruction, he is transported off the Earth seconds before it is exploded to make way for a new hyperspace motorway. And as if that's not enough, throw in being wanted by the police, Earth II, an insane electronic encyclopedia, no tea whatsoever, a chronically depressed robot and the search for the meaning of life, and you've got the greatest adventure off Earth. - IMDb

В один прекрасный день над Землей нависли огромные звездолеты инопланетян, и людям объявили, что их родная планета подлежит сносу, а на ее месте будет проложено шикарное межзвездное шоссе. Н-да, не повезло человечеству. Кроме самого заурядного парня по имени Артур Дент, старый друг и собутыльник которого Форд Префект оказался… инопланетянином!

À Boleia Pela Galáxia Portugal
Autostopem przez galaktyke Poland
Autostoperski vodič kroz galaksiju Serbia
Bir otostopçunun galaksi rehberi (Turkish title) Turkey
Galaxis útikalauz stopposoknak Hungary
Ghidul Autostopistului Galactic Romania
Guía del autoestopista galáctico Spain
Guía del viajero intergaláctico Panama
Guía del viajero intergaláctico Mexico
Guía del viajero intergaláctico (video title) Argentina
Guida galattica per autostoppisti Italy
Le guide galactique (French title) Canada
Guide galactique (video title) Canada
Gyriste ton galaxia me otostop (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
H2G2: le guide du voyageur galactique France
Haikerens guide til galaksen Norway
Liftarens guide till galaxen Sweden
Linnunradan käsikirja liftareille Finland
O Guia do Mochileiro das Galáxias Brazil
Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis Germany
Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis Austria
Pöidlaküüdi reisijuht galaktikas Estonia
Štoparski vodnik po galaksiji Slovenia
Vodič kroz galaksiju za autostopere Croatia
Γυρίστε τον γαλαξία με οτοστόπ Greece
Автостопом по галактике Russia
Пътеводител на галактическия стопаджия (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Jack Stanley [14] Lunkwill

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