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Bustin' Loose

Bustin' Loose (USA: recut version)
Family Dream (USA: working title)

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1981 May, 22
94 minutes
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 31 261 269

Joe Braxton is an ex-con who has been given a second chance to freedom after violating his probation. He has been hired by a school teacher named Vivian Perry to repair and drive an old school bus and drive a group of Special kids to Ms. Perry's Washington Farm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to give them a new home after The Clarmont Center for Children is shut down by the city. The kids have severe mental problems and Joe is not looking forward to the trip at all, but Joe later bonds with Vivian and the children, offering his support and love and changes his outlook on life. But Donald, the social worker and Vivian's lover who gave Joe his break is hot on their tail and wants Joe back in prison. Joe and Vivian must now prevent Donald from sending the children back to Philidelphia where they'll have no future. - IMDb

Власти закрыли детский дом в Филадельфии, детей распределили по другим учреждениям, кроме небольшой группы особо трудных, которых никто не хочет брать. Учительница Вивиан Перри решает отвезти их на ферму родителей в штат Вашингтон. Одновременно проходимцу Джо Брэкстону дают последний шанс избежать тюрьмы - отремонтировать старый школьный автобус и доставить детишек к месту назначения.

Bustin' Loose (recut version) USA
Ciagle pogonie Poland
Einmal und nie wieder West Germany
Family Dream (working title) USA
Libertà poco vigilata Italy
Den lille bus på prærien Denmark
Oslobodjeni Serbia
Perdedor nato Spain
Pirunmoinen bussimatka Finland
Pogojno na svobodi Slovenia
Porontyjárat Hungary
Rapp i käften Sweden
Rompendo Correntes Brazil
Rompiendo cadenas Mexico
Rompiendo cadenas Peru

Children's Cast:

Angel Ramirez Jr. Julio
Jimmy Hughes Harold
Edwin DeLeon Ernesto
Edwin Kinter Anthony
Alphonso Alexander Martin

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