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Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire (United Kingdom)

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1981 March, 30
United Kingdom
125 minutes
Biography / Drama / Sport
$ 5 500 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 59 303 359


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The story, told in flashback, of two young British sprinters competing for fame in the 1924 Olympics. Eric, a devout Scottish missionary runs because he knows it must please God. Harold, the son of a newly rich Jew runs to prove his place in Cambridge society. In a warmup 100 meter race, Eric defeats Harold, who hires a pro trainer to prepare him. Eric, whose qualifying heat is scheduled for a Sunday, refuses to run despite pressure from the Olympic committee. A compromise is reached when a nobleman allows Eric to compete in his 400 meter slot. Eric and Harold win their respective races and go on to achieve fame as missionary and businessman/athletic advocate, respectively. - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

David Kivlin First Scots Boy
Eddie Hughson Second Scots Boy

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