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On the Line

On the L (USA)
On the Line (United Kingdom)

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2001 October, 9
85 minutes
Comedy / Family / Romance
Production Company:
$ 16 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 4 544 601

A young man meets a girl on a train, only to spend the rest of the movie trying to reunite with her (one of the love-at-first-sight things), aided by his best friend in a quest of posters and signs that soon gains public notice. Will he ever find his soul mate? - IMDb

Açık hat Turkey
Amor sobre rieles Argentina
En bout de ligne Canada
En busca de un beso salvaje Spain
Hl'adá sa Kevin Slovakia
Na Linha do Trem Brazil
On the L USA
On the Line Canada
On the Line United Kingdom
On the Line India
On the Line Italy
On the Line Philippines
On the Line USA
On the Line South Africa
Por um Flash Portugal
Przystanek miłość Poland
Rakkautta radalla Finland
Randivonat Hungary
Ticket for Love France
На связи Russia
オン・ザ・ライン 君をさがして Japan

Children's Cast:

Allen Alvarado [5] Boy

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