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The Trials of Cate McCall

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2013 November, 28
89 minutes
$ 7 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 249 601

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In California, Cate McCall is an alcoholic lawyer that was put on probation and rehab. She had an argument with a judge that sent her to the Breathalyzer test and the bar put her on probation in a small office. Cate is also fighting to recover custody of her daughter that lives with her father that is moving to Seattle. Cate is assigned to defend Lacey Stubbs, who has appealed claiming that she had been wrongly accused of murdering another woman since there was a trial error. Further, Lacey also tells that she was raped by a guard in the prison. Cate, who has never lost a case, investigates the case with his friend Bridges and they find evidences that might prove that Lacey is innocent and her case is fabricated. But is she really not guilty? - IMDb

Бывший опытный адвокат должна вновь вернуться к старой работе и доказать невиновность женщины, обвиненной в убийстве, чтобы вернуть опекунство над дочерью и свою работу.

L'affaire Cate McCall (video title) France
Anklage: Mord - Im Namen der Wahrheit Germany
Cate McCall - Il confine della verità Italy
A Cate McCall-per Hungary
Dava (Turkish title) Turkey
El Engaño Mexico
El Engaño Peru
Los límites de la verdad Spain
Mensonges et faux semblants (TV title) France
Nieslusznie oskarzona Poland
Teia de Mentiras Brazil
Ένοχα ψέματα Greece
Новая попытка Кейт МакКолл Russia

Children's Cast:

Ava Kolker Augie

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