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Geograf globus propil

Also known as: The Geographer Drank His Globe Away (World-wide)
Director: Aleksandr Veledinskiy
Release: 29 Sep 2013
Country: Russia
Runtime: 120 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Drama

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Victor Sluzhkin signs on as a teacher of geography in a secondary school in his native Perm (in the Urals) and gets lost in a haze of hard vodka, desperate love for a nymphet-like student and the stress of educating teenagers. Geographer, as the students immediately dub Sluzhkin, attempts to escape from the grueling, dull, stultifying reality of Russia's provincial life in a rafting tour to the Urals. Accompanied by wild, adventure-seeking adolescents, faced with the numerous grim surprises of the nature, Geographer is poised to find himself and his own truth. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Anfisa Chernykh [17] Masha Bolshakova

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