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La vie domestique

Domestic Life (United Kingdom)

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2013 July, 2
93 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 9 197

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Juliette was simply not sure about coming to live in this residential suburb of the greater Paris metropolitan area. All the women here are in their forties, have children to raise, houses to keep and husbands who return home late at night. Today she has an appointment in Paris that is important for her career, but she also has to run errands and pick up the kids from school. During the course of her day, monopolized by petty, everyday tasks, Juliette can feel the noose of domestic obligations and household chores slowly tightening around her neck. - IMDb

Джульетта - не просто любящая жена и мать двоих детей, но и успешная деловая женщина, для которой ее работа очень много значит. Но вот переезд в отдаленный пригород Парижа ставит перед главной героиней одну непростую дилемму: уделять любимой работе больше времени или превратится в домохозяйку, как большинство женщин из этого пригорода.

Domestic Life United Kingdom
Domestic Life USA
Domestic Life  
Kinder, Küche, Chaos West Germany
La vida doméstica Argentina
La vie domestique Canada
La vie domestique France

Children's Cast:

Samuel Aouizerate Jules
Raphaël Aouizerate Robinson
Léon Brachet Gaspard
Jeanne Jestin Louise
Axelle Philippot Alice

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