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New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve (USA)

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2011 December, 5
113 minutes
Comedy / Romance
$ 56 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 142 044 638

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Set during New Year's Eve in New York city, this movie follows several people and how the day affects them. Kim is a single mother who still thinks of her daughter, Hailey as a child who wants to go out with a boy so that she could kiss him at midnight. Claire, who is in charge of the city's annual tradition, the ball drop on Times Square. And when something goes wrong she has to ask an electrician, who was fired, to come and fix it. Laura, a chef who is cooking the New year's Eve party for a record company who runs into Jensen, her ex who's a singer and performing at the party. While he tries to apologize for how things ended, she refuses to accept it. Ingrid, a woman who works at the record company, after having a near death experience, decides to quit her job and asks a young messenger, Paul to help her fulfill her resolutions. And at a hospital, Stan, a man who is in the final stages of cancer, only wishes to see the ball drop. Also Griffin and Tess, a couple who are expecting, want to be the ones who give birth first after New Year because of the available cash prize; but another couple is also about to give birth. Randy a man who's not exactly fond of the holiday because of something that happened, finds himself trapped in an elevator with a singer who is one of Jensen's back up singers when he performs at Times Square. And Sam, son of the owner of the record company, who is out of town and is trying to get back to the city so that he could give a speech at the party, but when he has an accident and since it's a holiday, his car can't be fixed so he hitches a ride with some people going to the city. But it seems he has another reason why he needs to get back. - IMDb

История о любви, надежде, прощении, вторых шансах и жизни с чистого листа, повествующая от имени семейных пар и одиноких людей в духе и ритме города Нью-Йорка в самую блистательную ночь года.

101次新年快樂 Taiwan
Ano Novo, Vida Nova! Portugal
Año nuevo Argentina
Año nuevo Chile
Año nuevo Ecuador
Año nuevo Mexico
Año nuevo Peru
Año nuevo (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Año nuevo Venezuela
Año Nuevo Colombia
De Anul Nou Romania
Capodanno a New York Italy
Happy New Year West Germany
Happy New Year France
Jaungada nakts Latvia
Naujieji metai Niujorke Lithuania
New Year's Eve India
New Year's Eve Netherlands
New Year's Eve Philippines
New Year's Eve Sweden
New Year's Eve Singapore
New Year's Eve USA
New Year's Eve South Africa
New Year's Eve United Arab Emirates
New Year's Eve Australia
New Year's Eve Canada
New Year's Eve Egypt
New Year's Eve United Kingdom
New Year's Eve Greece
New Year's Eve Indonesia
New Year's Eve India
Noche de fin de año Spain
Noche de fin de año Spain
Noite de Ano Novo Brazil
Nova godina u Njujorku Serbia
Silvestrovo v New Yorku Slovenia
Silvestrovská noc Slovakia
Sretna Nova godina! Croatia
Sylvester be'New York Israel
Sylwester w Nowym Jorku Poland
Szilveszter éjjel Hungary
Vana-aastaõhtu Estonia
La veille du nouvel an Canada
Xinnián qiányè (transliterated title) Hong Kong
Yılbaşı Gecesi Turkey
«Старый» Новый год Russia
Đêm Giao Thừa Vietnam
Новогодишна нощ Bulgaria
Старий Новий рік Ukraine
Старый Новый год Russia
ニューイヤーズ・イブ Japan

Children's Cast:

Abigail Breslin [15] Hailey (segment: Mother & Daughter)
Jake T. Austin [17] Seth (segment: Mother & Daughter)
Nat Wolff [16] Walter (segment: Mother & Daughter)
Katherine McNamara [16] Lily Bowman (segment: Mother & Daughter)
Kim Kauffman Times Square Teen

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