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2005 October, 15
83 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 264 168

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Bonnie, a nine-year-old single child, is part of a family of three living in the Netherlands. They have a love of elephants, passed on by Bonnie's grandfather's grandfather who worked on a game reserve in Africa, and Bonnie feels that she instinctively does things like an elephant as a result. Her single mother, Lis, is bi-polar and at times spends days on end without even getting out of bed. Then there are other times when she will manically do wild acts, such as impromptu dancing in public. As a result, Bonnie's sturdy and stable grandmother must hold the family together by doing all the cooking, etc. After her grandmother is killed by a car, Bonnie becomes the most responsible family member and struggles with preparing meals and getting her reluctant mother to take her medication. She also must dodge Jorien, a social worker who is attempting to place her in a foster home. When her friend from school, Koos, gets a new brother Bonnie decides that this is the solution to fight the loneliness caused by her grandmother's absence, and pleads with her mother to provide her with a brother. She starts a search for eligible men to accomplish this mission. Ultimately, the arrival of an elephant in their garden leads to a change in the makeup of the family. - IMDb

Девятилетняя Бонни – единственный ребенок в семье. Она живет с мамой и бабушкой. Бонни очень хочется иметь братика или сестренку, но мама не может выполнить ее желания. Однажды у Бонни появляется новый друг - слон...

Bipolar - Meine Mama ist anders West Germany
Bonnie Mexico
Chifladas Argentina
Kelekótyák Hungary
Knetter Netherlands
Loquísima (literal title) Peru
Maman, mon éléphant et moi France
Nebuni de legat Romania
Übergeschnappt West Germany
Untitled Cinema Junior Project Netherlands
Бонни и слон Russia
ゾウがお家(うち)にやって来た Japan
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Children's Cast:

Jesse Rinsma [11] Bonnie
Tom van Kessel Koos

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