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Aka: Исследователи (Russia)
Director: Joe Dante
Year: 1985
Country: USA
Runtime: 109 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Family / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Ben Crandall, an alien-obsessed kid, dreams one night of a circuit board. Drawing out the circuit, he and his friends Wolfgang and Darren set it up, and discover they have been given the basis for a starship. Setting off in the ThunderRoad, as they name their ship, they find the aliens Ben hopes they would find... but are they what they seem? - IMDb

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Children's Cast:

Taliesin Jaffe [8] Ludwig Müller
River Phoenix [15] Wolfgang Müller
Amanda Peterson [14] Lori Swenson
Bobby Fite [17] Steve Jackson
Danny Nucci [17] Nasty Kid at School
Ethan Hawke [15] Ben Crandall
Jason Presson [14] Darren Woods
Georg Olden [17] Steve Jackson's Gang
John P. Navin Jr. [17] Couple at Drive-In

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