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Romance & Cigarettes

Romance & Cigarettes (United Kingdom)
Romance and Cigarettes (Australia)

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2005 September, 6
105 minutes
Comedy / Musical / Romance
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 2 935 242


Nick and Kitty Murder are married middle-aged working class New Yorkers. Kitty catches Nick in an indiscretion when she finds a love poem, extolling the virtues of one specific body part, Nick wrote to his mistress, Tula. The poem is the last straw for Kitty regarding their marriage. Kitty has the support of their three grown daughters - biological or other - her cousin Bo, her pastor and others at the church. They help her with among other things finding and thus dealing with Tula, who she does not know, and looking back at if she made a mistake in choosing Nick over her first love. On the other side, Nick turns to his co-worker Angelo, and a local police officer/ex-military man for advice, which he also gets unsolicited from his tough talking mother. Nick still has Tula, a frank-talking Scottish sex shop clerk, who truly loves Nick's body parts as he loves hers. A little emotional distance may provide Nick and Kitty the best perspective of what their future holds. - IMDb

Ник Мердер – рабочий-металлист, строящий и ремонтирующий мосты. Он женат на портнихе Китти Кейн, сильной и доброй женщине, которая родила ему трех дочерей. Но однажды Ник заводит любовный роман с рыжеволосой красавицей по имени Тула. Китти очень тяжело переживает измену мужа, пытаясь побороть в себе чувство гнева и обиды. Трагический поворот судьбы заставляет Ника осознать, какую боль он причинил своей семье. В результате он узнает истинную цену настоящей любви.

Apisties kai tsigara (transliterated title) Greece
aşk ve sigara Turkey
Infidelidad y romance en Nueva York Argentina
Románc és cigaretta Hungary
Romance Egypt
Romance & Cigarettes West Germany
Romance & Cigarettes Canada
Romance & Cigarettes Italy
Romance & Cigarettes India
Romance & Cigarettes Poland
Romance & Cigarettes United Kingdom
Romance & Cigarettes Philippines
Romance & Cigarettes Mexico
Romance & Cigarettes Canada
Romance & Cigarettes Indonesia
Romance & Cigarettes India
Romance & Cigarettes Singapore
Romance & Cigarettes Ecuador
Romance & Cigarettes USA
Romance & Cigarros Portugal
Romance and Cigarettes Australia
Romance e Cigarros Brazil
Romanse i papierosy Poland
Romantica ve'cigariot Israel
Romantika ir cigaretės Lithuania
Απιστίες και τσιγάρα Greece
Любов и цигари Bulgaria
Любовь и сигареты Russia
Романс і сигарети Ukraine
Романс и цигари Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Amedeo Turturro [15] Fryburg Friend
Ryan Webb Fryburg Friend
Jake Cannavale [10] Fryburg Friend
Diego Z. Turturro [4] Boy on Tricycle

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