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Tang shan da di zhen

Aftershock (World-wide)

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2010 July, 22
135 minutes
$ 25 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 100 297 064

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In Tangshan, the truck driver Da Qiang, his wife Yuan Ni and their twins Fang Da, their son, and Fang Deng, their daughter, are a happy simple family. On 27 July 1976, a devastating earthquake destroys Tangshan, and Da Qiang dies while trying to rescue his children from their apartment. When a collapsed beam traps Fang Da and Fang Deng, Yuan Ni is forced to decide between saving her son or daughter and she chooses Fang Da. However, her daughter Fang Deng overhears her mother's choice and miraculously survives. She is rescued by a soldier and adopted by Mr. Wang and his wife with the name Wang Deng. Thirty-two years later, after an earthquake in China, Wang Deng, now married to a Canadian lawyer and living in Vancouver with her daughter, travels to China and voluntarily joins the rescue team. By chance she meets Fang Da and she learns the drama of Yuan Ni through all those years. The family is finally reunited at Yuan Ni's home, where bitterness is exposed and resolved. - IMDb

Землетрясение в городе Таншане (провинция Хэбэй) 1976 года длилось меньше чем полминуты, но унесло несколько сотен тысяч жизней. Эти секунды поставили мать перед невозможным выбором — спасти сына или дочь, и спасение обернулось грузом вины на десятилетия...

Aftershock (World-wide)  
Efterskælv Denmark
Naknadni potresi Serbia
Separados pelo Destino Brazil
The Tangshan Earthquake (Mandarin title) China
A Tangshani földrengés Hungary
Tongsaan daaideizan (Cantonese title) China
Tremblement de terre à Tangshan France
Землетрясение Russia

Children's Cast:

Zifeng Zhang [9] Young Fang Deng

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