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Burning Palms

Burning Palms (Australia)

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2010 April, 23
105 minutes
Comedy / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 5 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 3 271

In Santa Monica, a woman becomes alarmingly concerned over her fiancé's unnaturally close relationship with his teenage daughter. In Westwood, a sexual act turns into a psychological obsession for a young woman. In West Hollywood, a gay couple buys a young daughter and attempts to mold her to fit their lifestyle. In Holmby Hills, maladjusted kids and their equally maladjusted nanny play murderous games. In Sherman Oaks, a rape victim faces her violator. In these five stories, one thing is clear, everything is taken to extremes in California. - IMDb

Burning Palms Australia
Burning Palms West Germany
Burning Palms United Kingdom
Burning Palms India
Burning Palms Philippines
Burning Palms Portugal
Burning Palms Singapore
Burning Palms USA
Liepsnojančios palmes Lithuania
Palmeras ardientes Spain
Yanan Avuçiçleri Turkey
Горящие пальмы Russia
Пальми, що горять Ukraine
燃烧的棕榈 China

Children's Cast:

Austin Williams [13] Nicholas Pinter
Jake Austin Walker Trevor
Chandler George Brown [13] Jeffrey
Addison Black Colby
Haley Tju [9] Rose

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