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Rage Control (USA: working title)
Untitled ML Project (USA: working title)

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2005 July, 1
86 minutes
Comedy / Family / Sport
$ 33 100 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 17 492 014


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Coach Roy once was college basketball's top mastermind. But lately his attentions have been on his next endorsements, not on his next game. What¹s more, Roy's temper has run amuck, leading to his being banned from college ball until he can demonstrate compliance--in other words, not explode every time he walks onto the court. Roy waits and waits; for a suitable coaching offer, but he receives only one: the Mount Vernon Junior High School Smelters basketball squad. Roy reluctantly accepts the offer, hoping that a few weeks at the school will prove his good intentions and restore him to his high-living ways as a celebrated college coach. But when old school meets middle school, Coach Roy doesn't know what hit him. It's not until Roy decides to teach his young charges some new concepts--like passing, rebounding, dribbling, and scoring--that the Smelters begin to find success and Roy finds something long thought lost: his love of the game. - IMDb

Всего лишь один неприятный инцидент во время официального матча становиться для преуспевающего тренера юношеской команды Роя МакКормика поводом для коренных изменений в жизни и карьере. Он всегда славился своим несдержанным поведением, но если раньше все сходило с рук, то на этот раз Рэй зашел в своих проказах так далеко, что в результате потерял работу. Приходится неуемному МакКормику стать тренером школьной баскетбольной команды. Со временем это ему начинает нравиться...

Basket Academy France
A Hora da Virada Brazil
Kontrola gniewu Poland
Levypallo (video title) Finland
Odskok Croatia
Rage Control (working title) USA
Rebond (French title) Canada
Rebote Spain
Rebote inesperado Argentina
Ressalto Portugal
Újra a pályán Hungary
Un allenatore in palla Italy
Untitled ML Project (working title) USA
Volltreffer - Ein Supercoach greift durch Germany
Отскок Russia
Реванш (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Alia Shawkat [16] Amy
Cody Linley [15] Larry Burgess Jr.
Eddy Martin [14] One Love
Hailey Noelle Johnson [7] Little Girl
Steven Anthony Lawrence [15] Ralph
Cole Evan Weiss [15] Opposing Player #2
Steven Christopher Parker [16] Wes

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