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Angel Eyes

Heart of Town (USA: working title)
Ojos de ángel (USA: Spanish title)

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2001 May, 15
102 minutes
Drama / Romance
$ 53 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 29 715 606


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While pursuing a suspect one night, Chicago Police officer Sharon Pogue nearly becomes the victim of a fatal ambush. A mysterious stranger, Catch intervenes, disarms the assassin and saves Sharon's life. Is it a stroke of luck? A twist of fate? Or just a concerned citizen who happened to pass by at the right time and wasn't afraid to get involved? Maybe, But Sharon and Catch have met once before. As the two fall in love, they discover the truth about each other and are forced to deal with the secrets from their past. - IMDb

Angel Eyes - Occhi d'angelo Italy
Angelika matia (TV title) Greece
Angyali szemek Hungary
Anđeoske oči Croatia
Askin gücü (DVD title) Turkey
Heart of Town (working title) USA
Mirada de ángel Spain
Mirada de ángel Colombia
Mirada de ángel Argentina
Mirada del angel (cable TV title) Mexico
Oči anđela Serbia
Oczy aniola Poland
Ojos de ángel (Spanish title) USA
Olhar de Anjo Brazil
Olhos de Anjo Portugal
Les yeux d'un ange (French title) Canada
Les yeux de l'ange (French title) Canada
Ангелски очи (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Глаза ангела Russia

Children's Cast:

Daniel Magder [10] Larry Pogue, Jr.

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