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Land of the Dead

Dead Reckoning (USA: working title)
George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (USA: complete title)
Twilight of the Dead (USA: working title)

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2005 June, 18
93 minutes
$ 15 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 46 770 602


Bolstered by the success of 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, the Resident Evil movies and the hit remake of his own Dawn of the Dead, George A. Romero returns to the horror subgenre he invented with Land of the Dead. The fourth installment in Romero's zombie cycle (and the first since 1985's Day of the Dead) presents a logical progression of events since 1968's horror classic Night of the Living Dead: Zombies (also known as "stenches" for their rotting odor) are the dominant population, and they've begun to show signs of undead intelligence and gathering power. The wealthiest survivors live comfortably in a luxury high-rise within a barricaded safe zone, ignoring the horrors of the outside world while armed scavengers stage raids in the zombie-zone to gather much-needed food and supplies. Simon Baker and John Leguizamo play mercenaries-for-hire; Dennis Hopper is their nefarious boss; and horror favorite Asia Argento (daughter of Suspiria director Dario Argento) plays a former hooker recruited into Baker's scavenger squad. While none of this seems particularly fresh or inspired, Land of the Dead benefits from hints of the social satire that made Romero's earlier zombie films so memorable. Not so much funny as gruesomely peculiar, Romero's plot isn't as inventive as it could've been, but as a big-scale B-movie, Land of the Dead delivers a handful of shocks and horror-celebrity cameos (including gore-masters Tom Savini and Greg Nicotero) that should keep horror buffs happy until the next zombie opus comes along. --Jeff Shannon

В современном мире пролегла глубокая граница между миром живых и миром кошмарных созданий – зомби, мертвецов, вернувшихся с того света. Город людей обнесен надежными стенами, но внутри города растет анархия и беспокойство. Не долог час, когда мертвецы прорвутся за пределы ограждений. Чтобы защитить живых от мертвых, в городе формируется отряд солдат-добровольцев…

Dead Reckoning (working title) USA
Dezela zivih mrtvecev Slovenia
George A. Romero's Land of the Dead (complete title) USA
Holtak földje Hungary
I gi ton zontanon nekron (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Kuolleiden valtakunta Finland
Land of the Dead - Le territoire des morts France
Ölüler ülkesi (Turkish title) Turkey
La terra dei morti viventi Italy
Terra dos Mortos Brazil
Terra dos Mortos Portugal
La terre des morts (French title) Canada
La tierra de los muertos vivientes (Castilian title) Spain
La tierra de los muertos vivientes Spain
Tierra de los muertos Argentina
Tierra de los muertos Mexico
Tierra de los muertos Venezuela
Twilight of the Dead (working title) USA
Zeme mrtvých Czech Republic
Zemlja živih mrtvaca Croatia
Zemlja živih mrtvaca Serbia
Ziemia zywych trupów Poland
Земята на мъртвите (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria

Children's Cast:

Devon Bostick [14] Brian

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