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Riding in Cars with Boys

Riding in Cars with Boys (Australia)

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2001 October, 19
132 minutes
Biography / Comedy / Drama
$ 48 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 35 743 308


When on TV?

20 Apr, 19:55 Domashniy
21 Apr, 02:00 Domashniy Episode 1
21 Apr, 02:30 Domashniy

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Seriocomic story based on the memoir by Beverly Donofrio, the movie follows a young woman who finds her life radically altered by an event from her teen years. Born in 1950, Beverly grew up bright and ambitious in a working-class neighborhood in Connecticut; her father was a tough but good-hearted cop who listened to his daughter's problems, and her mother was a nervous woman eager to imagine the worst. From an early age, Beverly displays a keen intelligence and an interest in literature, and dreams of going to college in New York and becoming a writer. However, she also develops an early interest in boys, and at 15 finds herself madly in love with a boy from her high school. However, an attempt to get his attention leads to an embarassing incident at a party, and Ray, a sweet but thick-headed 18-year-old, steps forward to defend her. Beverly and Ray end up making out, and after one thing leads to another, Beverly discovers she's pregnant. Telling Ray is only marginally less difficult than informing her parents, and at 16, Beverly is a wife and mother. Against the odds, Beverly is determined to still finish high school and go on to college, but that goal becomes more difficult with time, especially after Beverly's marriage begins to fall apart. Ray tries to do the right thing but has trouble holding a job, and becomes addicted to heroin. - IMDb

Беверли Донофрио была умной и амбициозной девушкой, жаждавшей сделать карьеру писательницы. Но путь к мечте оказался неблизок. Увы, в нежном возрасте голоса бурлящих в крови гормонов заглушают голос разума: в пятнадцать лет она забеременела от милого, но совершенно неприспособленного к жизни друга Рэя. Школьница с ребенком в шестнадцать, позже - жена наркомана и мать-одиночка, Беверли получила от судьбы, кажется, все мыслимые тычки и затрещины, расплачиваясь за ошибки молодости. Однако никакие горести не могли заставить ее опустить руки и потерять свое чувство юмора. Энергичная, веселая и талантливая, несмотря на все трудности героиня добилась своего: вырастила сына и написала книгу. Ту, по которой поставлен этот удивительный фильм…

Au volant avec les gars Canada
Los chicos de mi vida (Riding in cars with boys) Argentina
Los chicos de mi vida Spain
Los chicos de mi vida Peru
Los chicos De Mi Vida Mexico
Los chicos de mi vida Argentina
Chłopaki mojego życia Poland
Écarts de conduite France
Fantje mojega zivljenja Slovenia
Fiúk az életemből Hungary
I ragazzi della mia vita Italy
Mennene i mitt liv Norway
Miehet elämässäni (video box title) Finland
Momci mog zivota Serbia
Momci mog života Serbia
Os Garotos da Minha Vida Brazil
Os Rapazes da Minha Vida Portugal
Pasivažinėjimas su berniukais Lithuania
Pojkarna i mitt liv Sweden
Riding in Cars with Boys Australia
Riding in Cars with Boys Canada
Riding in Cars with Boys Ecuador
Riding in Cars with Boys United Kingdom
Riding in Cars with Boys Philippines
Riding in Cars with Boys Singapore
Riding in Cars with Boys USA
Ta agoria tis zois mou (transliterated title) Greece
Thank You, Boys Japan
Unterwegs mit Jungs West Germany
Τα αγόρια της ζωής μου Greece
Момчетата на моя живот Bulgaria
Сильная женщина Russia
サンキュー、ボーイズ Japan
辣妹青春 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Logan Lerman [9] Jason - Age 8
Mika Boorem [14] Beverly Donofrio - Age 11
Skye McCole Bartusiak [9] Amelia - Age 8
Celine Marget [10] Janet Donofrio - Age 8
Cody Arens [7] Jason - Age 6
Lauren Ferrara [3] Little Girl
Megan Ferrara [3] Little Girl
Olivia Morgan Scheck Janet Donofrio - Age 12
Paz de la Huerta [17] Phone Call Flirt
Samantha Lucier Amelia - Age 6
Skye Arens [2] Jason - Age 1

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