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Her Majesty

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2001 October, 6
New Zealand
107 minutes
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 63 652


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In this charming and inspirational story, a young girl's unusual friendship with an old woman outcast from society transforms an entire community. As a rural New Zealand town excitedly prepares for a visit from the Queen of England, the townspeople pressure Hira, an elderly Maori woman (Vicky Haughton, Whale Rider), to sell her rickety shack that has long been an embarrassment to the town. No one is more excited to meet the Queen than 13-year-old Elizabeth, but when she meets Hira and hears her compelling stories of her tribe's history and culture, she is forever changed and moved by the old woman's great wisdom and kindness. Now the friendship sends troubling repercussions through the rest of her life and could cost her everything she has long cherished. A touching drama for all ages, this endearing, bittersweet coming-of-age tale about one young girl's struggle for justice will leave you cheering!

Ihre Majestät (festival title) Germany
Királynőpalánta Hungary

Children's Cast:

Sally Andrews Elizabeth Wakefield
Anton Tennet [14] Robert Davies
Todd Emerson [17] Fred

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