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North Country

Class Action (USA)
North Country (United Kingdom)
Untitled Niki Caro Project (USA)

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2005 September, 12
126 minutes
$ 35 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 25 211 175


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With North Country, director Niki Caro demonstrates astonishing range, effortlessly swapping Maoris coming of age in New Zealand (Whale Rider) for Minnesotans navigating the wintry terrain of sexual harassment. But there's a common theme to her work: girls/women carving out an equal role for themselves in a masculine world. North Country may not have the heart of a Whale Rider, nor of its thematic progenitor, Norma Rae, but it makes up for that in earnestness of purpose. Charlize Theron earned her second Best Actress nomination by inhabiting the same landscape that won her the statue for Monster -- a gritty, lived-in mélange of imperfections, from which her character is by no means exempt. Chris Menges' stunning camerawork brings alive the bleak beauty of the setting, which mirrors the characters' frigid attitudes on political correctness. One gets a slight sense that the depictions of Josey Aimes' misogynistic co-workers are exaggerated, but that could be because it seems hard to believe such malevolently dumb behavior ever prevailed in the workplace. Frances McDormand, also nominated in the supporting category, is equally superlative as Josey's sometimes-reluctant friend and champion. Regardless of its allegiance to the true events, the subplot involving the questionable parentage of Josey's oldest son tends to distract from the narrative. While the skeletons in Josey's closet undoubtedly make her a more complex character, not simply a martyr, they add sensationalism to a scenario already rich enough with it, just from the pornographic hostility aimed at Josey. A few minor misdirections aside, North Country is an unblinking portrait of a regular woman simply pursuing a regular level of respect. ~ Derek Armstrong, All Movie Guide

В конце 70-х мать-одиночка Джози Эймс перебралась с детьми в родной городок в Миннесоте и присоединилась к сотням рабочим, знавших лишь один вид заработка – работу на шахте. Вскоре Джози надоело терпеть агрессивное, презрительное отношение со стороны мужчин, и она подала в суд на владельцев шахтерской компании. В 1984 году состоялось одно из первых крупных судебных разбирательств по делу о сексуальном домогательстве...

L'affaire Josey Aimes France
Anisi mahi (transliterated title) Greece
Class Action USA
Daleka północ Poland
Kaltes Land West Germany
Kőkemény Minnesota Hungary
Külm maa Estonia
North Country Finland
North Country United Kingdom
North Country India
North Country India
North Country Philippines
North Country Sweden
North Country Singapore
North Country USA
North Country Australia
North Country Canada
North Country Ecuador
North Country - Storia di Josey Italy
North Country - Terra Fria Portugal
Severno od raja Slovenia
Šiaures šalis Lithuania
Sjeverna zemlja Croatia
Tek Başına Turkey
En terra d'homes Spain
Terra Fria Brazil
En tierra de hombres (North Country) Spain
Tierra fría Argentina
Tierra fría Mexico
Tierra fría Peru
Tierra fría (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Tinutul din nord Romania
Untitled Niki Caro Project USA
Le vent du nord Canada
Zemlja na severu Serbia
Άνιση μάχη Greece
Північна країна Ukraine
Северна страна Bulgaria
Северная страна Russia
スタンドアップ Japan
决不让步 China
北國性騷擾 Taiwan
北方风云 China

Children's Cast:

Thomas Curtis [14] Sammy Aimes
Elle Peterson [6] Karen Aimes

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