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Crazy People

Crazy People (Australia)

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1990 April, 13
90 minutes
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 13 236 513


Emory works in advertising, and is beginning to crack-up. His latest idea is honesty, e.g. "Volvos, Yes they are boxy, but they're safe". This doesn't go down too well with the boss, so Emory is sent to a psychiatric hospital to 'recover'. Meanwhile, back at the office, Emory's work is accidentally sent to the printers. His ads are a huge success. But now Emory has fallen for Kathy (another patient) and so doesn't want to leave. - IMDb

Çılgınlar Turkey
Crazy People Australia
Crazy People Canada
Crazy People Ecuador
Crazy People United Kingdom
Crazy People Singapore
Crazy People USA
Crazy People - hulluja ihmisiä Finland
Crazy People: Muito Doidos Brazil
Creizipipol: Muito Loucos (alternative spelling) Brazil
Les fous de la pub Canada
Les fous de la pub France
Gente loca Spain
Gente Louca Portugal
Loco, loco, pero no tanto Venezuela
Locos, locos... pero no tanto Mexico
Lököttek Hungary
Ludi ljudi Serbia
Ludjaci Yugoslavia
Nichts ist irrer als die Wahrheit West Germany
Pubblifollia Italy
Szaleńcy Poland
Wariaci Poland
Луди хора Bulgaria
Психованные Soviet Union
クレイジー・ピープル Japan

Children's Cast:

Corey Carrier [9]

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