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1980 September, 6
103 minutes
Drama / Fantasy
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 3 910 019


Edna Mae Macaulay experiences the afterlife for a brief time after a car accident that kills her husband. As she begins her long process of physical healing, she discovers that she has the ability to heal physical infirmities. While most people simply accept her gift, her lover (Sam Shepard) becomes mentally unbalanced and dangerous because she does not place the healings within a religious context. - IMDb

Åter till livet Sweden
Elämän ja kuoleman rajamailla Finland
Feltámadás Hungary
Moarte clinica Romania
Ressurreição Brazil
Resurrección Argentina
Resurrección Mexico
Resurrección Spain
Resurrección (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Der Starke Wille West Germany
Vzkriesenie Slovakia
Vzkříšení Czech Republic
Zmartwychwstanie Poland
Воскрешение (Russian title) Soviet Union
レザレクション 復活 (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Shane Sinutko [15] Skateboard Boy

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