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The most successful movies, first aired in 2001 year

51. The Majestic (2001)
USA, Australia
Peter Appleton is an ambitious young screenwriter working for HHS Studios during Hollywood's Golden Age, 1951 in particular...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 37 317 558
52. Valentine (2001)
Valentine's Day 1988: At the school dance, geeky Jeremy Melton bravely faces one rejection after the other when asking four popular girls to dance with him...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 36 684 136
53. Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)
Seriocomic story based on the memoir by Beverly Donofrio, the movie follows a young woman who finds her life radically altered by an event from her teen years...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 35 743 308
54. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a tale of adventure on the open road...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 33 788 161

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 1
55. The Musketeer (2001)
Germany, Luxembourg, UK, USA
In 17th century Paris, a dashing swordsman named D'Artagnan finds himself at odds with the powerful forces taking over France...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 32 073 640

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 1
56. How High (2001)
Two guys by the name of Silas and Jamal decided to one day smoke something magical, which eventually helps them to ace their college entrance exam...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 31 283 740
57. Joe Dirt (2001)
Joe Dirt is a janitor with a mullet hairdo, acid-washed jeans and a dream to find the parents that he lost at the Grand Canyon when he was a belligerent, trailer park-raised eight-year-old...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 30 987 695
58. Hearts in Atlantis (2001)
USA, Australia
This is a gentle, innocent film about the reflections of an aging man (David Morse), who returns to his home town after the death of his best friend...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 30 919 415

User Rating:  6.2/10
Votes: 4
59. Angel Eyes (2001)
While pursuing a suspect one night, Chicago Police officer Sharon Pogue nearly becomes the victim of a fatal ambush...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 29 715 606
60. The Pledge (2001)
Jack Nicholson is detective Jerry Black, a respected and well-liked veteran of the Reno police force retiring to a life of angling with more than a little apprehension...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 29 419 291
61. Heist (2001)
Canada, USA
David Mamet takes this story of thieves along many twists and turns, some of which work and some of which don't...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 28 510 652
62. Poketto monsutâ: Serebî - Toki wo koeta deai (2001)
Japan, USA
In this film, we meet the new Pokémon, Celebi, who has the power to travel through time...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 28 023 563
63. The Tailor of Panama (2001)
USA, Ireland
John LeCarre's spy thriller is brought to the big screen...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 28 008 462
64. Saving Silverman (2001)
USA, Australia
Two dim-witted former high school buddys and Neil Diamond fanactics, Wayne and J.D., plot to keep their friend Darren from marrying the wrong woman, a domineering and spiteful psychologist named Judith by kidnapping her and trying to set Darren up with his old high school girlfriend Sandy who plans to become a nun...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 26 086 706
65. The Shipping News (2001)
An inksetter in New York, Quoyle returns to his family's longtime home, a small fishing town in Newfoundland, with his young daughter, after a traumatizing experience with her mother, Petal, who sold her to an illegal adoption agency...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 24 690 441

User Rating:  5.0/10
Votes: 1
66. Joe Somebody (2001)
When underappreciated video specialist Joe Scheffer is brutally humiliated by the office bully Mark McKinney in front of his daughter, Joe begins a quest for personal redemption...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 24 516 772
67. Nirgendwo in Afrika (2001)
A Jewish family in Germany emigrate short before the Second World War...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 24 322 180

User Rating:  6.7/10
Votes: 15
68. Life as a House (2001)
George Monroe is a lonely and sad man...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 23 903 791

User Rating:  2.0/10
Votes: 1
69. The Glass House (2001)
After the sudden death of their parents in a car accident, 16-year-old Ruby Baker and her 11-year-old brother Rhett are sent to live with Terry and Erin Glass, old family friends of the parents, in their posh Malibu house...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 23 619 609

User Rating:  6.5/10
Votes: 2
70. Tomcats (2001)
Seven years ago, a bunch of friends make a bet that'll give the last remaining bachelor a ton of money...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 23 430 766

User Rating:  1.0/10
Votes: 1
71. Get Over It (2001)
A high school senior's girlfriend breaks up with him...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 19 900 366
72. Summer Catch (2001)
Ryan Dunne, a nice high-school kid, who works hard mowing lawns for dad Sean's firm, is caught between loyalty to Sir, who cynically believes neither of his sons will even climb the social ladder, and big brother Mike, who scolds Ryan's lack of ambition to go all the way to be recruiter for for a baseball college scholarship, which Mike had to abandon due to a wound...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 19 772 447
73. Rock Star (2001)
Chris Cole was born to rock...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 19 334 145
74. The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)
1949, Santa Rosa, California...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 18 916 623
75. 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001)
It was an ingenious enough plan: rob the Riviera Casino's count room during an Elvis impersonator convention...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 18 720 175

User Rating:  6.0/10
Votes: 1
76. Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)
Max Keeble is a nice, quiet teenager, whose idea of 'superhero-requiring' danger is braving Evil Ice Cream Man who blames him for a health complaint from ma Lily...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 18 634 654

User Rating:  7.5/10
Votes: 2
77. Antitrust (2001)
This movie is the fictional story of computer programming genius Milo Hoffman after graduating from Stanford and getting out into the competitive world of computer software...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 18 195 610
78. L'ultimo bacio (2001)
Carlo's life is thrown into a tailspin when his longtime girlfriend Giulia announces she's pregnant...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 17 784 993
79. Frailty (2001)
USA, Germany
FBI agent Wesley Doyle is startled by the spontaneous declaration of youngster Fenton Meiks about how his father's delusions to have a divine mission as avenging angel required him and his brother Adam to become his 'demon-slaying' murder accomplices...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 17 423 030

User Rating:  8.5/10
Votes: 2
80. Just Visiting (2001)
France, USA
A French count is in England to marry the princess...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 16 176 732
81. Iris (2001)
Iris, based on the life of revered British writer and philosopher Iris Murdoch, is a story of unlikely yet enduring love...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 16 153 953

User Rating:  2.0/10
Votes: 1
82. Josie and the Pussycats (2001)
Canada, USA
For years, the record industries have inserted subliminal messages into music so that they can turn teenagers into brain dead zombies who do nothing but buy, buy, buy...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 14 866 015
83. Der Kleine Eisbär (2001)
Lars is a young polar bear who finds the big, frosty world just a little overwhelming...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 14 846 994
84. Out Cold (2001)
Bull Mountain, Alaska, is a no frills ski resort, and the staff is a bunch of partying snowboard bums...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 14 782 676
85. Freddy Got Fingered (2001)
Gordon, 28, an aspiring animator, leaves his home in Oregon to sell his ideas to Hollywood...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 14 343 028
86. Osmosis Jones (2001)
Frank Detomello is a slovenly zoo keeper, and simple father to the only young and bright girl named Shane, who catches a cold right after he swallowed a germ-ridden egg!..
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 14 026 418
87. Head Over Heels (2001)
Amanda Pierce is from Iowa and works as a restorer of Renaissance paintings for the New York Metropolitan Museum...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 13 127 022
88. Knockaround Guys (2001)
The four sons (Diesel, Green, Pepper, Davoli) of major Brooklyn mobsters have to team up to retrieve a bag of cash in a small Montana town ruled by a corrupt sheriff...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 12 806 614
89. Say It Isn't So (2001)
Young orphan Gilly (Klein) finds out his lover Jo (Graham) may actually be his biological sister...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 12 320 393

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 1
90. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... (2001)
Yashvardhan Raichand lives a very wealthy lifestyle along with his wife, Nandini, and two sons, Rahul and Rohan...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 11 334 547
91. The Deep End (2001)
A woman spirals out of control while trying to keep her son from being found culpable in a murder investigation...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 10 031 529
92. Bella Martha (2001)
Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland
When a headstrong chef takes charge of her equally stubborn 8-year-old niece, the tensions between them mount.....
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 9 852 022
93. Mädchen Mädchen! (2001)
Inken (Diana Amft) is an eighteen-year-old girl, frustrated for not having had an orgasm yet with her boyfriend...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 9 802 484
94. Ghost World (2001)
USA, UK, Germany
This is the story of Enid and Rebecca after they finish the high school...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 8 764 007
95. Merry Christmas (2001)
Italy, Spain
Four Italian men are suddenly involved in awkward situations, while they are spending the Christmas holiday, stuck in Amsterdam...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 8 252 188
96. The Hole (2001)
One misty morning, Liz Dunn stumbles down the road to her school and screams for help...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 7 819 851

User Rating:  8.0/10
Votes: 2
97. Lucía y el sexo (2001)
Spain, France
In Madrid of the present days, the waitress Lucia (Paz Vega) leaves her job and goes to her apartment to meet her mate Lorenzo (Tristian Ulloa), who seems to be very depressed...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 7 640 680
98. Anja & Viktor (2001)
When Anja gets a full-time job after her graduation and moves into a city apartment with a friend, her highschool boyfriend Viktor is left behind and frustrated...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 7 499 108
99. Last Orders (2001)
UK, Germany
A group of old friends reminisce about their lives over the years after the death of one of their crew...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 873 892
100. El Espinazo del diablo (2001)
Spain, Mexico, France, Argentina
It is 1939, the end of three years of bloody civil war in Spain, and General Franco's right-wing Nationalists are poised to defeat the left-wing Republican forces...
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $ 6 582 065

User Rating:  6.7/10
Votes: 13

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