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Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon 3D (USA: new title)

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

2008 January, 30
84 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Family
$ 25 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 46 651 414

In the Kennedy days, all the States buzz about the Apollo moon program, even the bugs. Grandpa fly keeps 'inspiring' his grandson and two mates, a nerd and a glutton, with heroic stories. New they decide to get in on the action at Cape Canaveral via an astronaut's bred box. Grandpa also gets involved. There's also an evil Soviet Russian fly to with. - IMDb

Мечты о звездах и путешествиях к далеким космическим галактикам будоражат не только людские умы. Оказывается, ничто человеческое не чуждо и… мухам. Три отважные мушки тайком пробираются на космический корабль. Их ждет полный невероятных приключений полет на Луну...

Beni aya uçur (Turkish title) Turkey
Cesta na mesiac 3D Slovakia
Cesta na mesíc 3D Czech Republic
Fly Me to the Moon 3D (new title) USA
Fly meg til månen Norway
Kärbsed kuu peale Estonia
Légy a Holdon 3D Hungary
Les mouchonautes (French title) Canada
Muvajmo na Mesec Serbia
Os Mosconautas no Mundo da Lua Portugal
Os Mosconautas no Mundo da Lua Brazil
Sa zburam spre luna Romania
Taxidi sto feggari (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Vamos a la luna Peru
Vamos a la luna Mexico
Vamos a la luna Spain
Vamos a la luna Chile
Vamos a la luna Argentina
Vliegen naar de maan 3D (informal literal title) Netherlands
Wyprawa na Księżyc Poland
Мухнём на Луну Russia
Мухнемо на Мiсяць Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Max Burkholder [11] Mom's Maggot (voice)
Philip Bolden [13] I.Q. (voice)
David Gore [12] Scooter (voice)
Trevor Gagnon [13] Nat (voice)

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