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The Stone Angel

The Stone Angel (Australia)

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2007 September, 12
United Kingdom
115 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 471 524


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In Manitoba, Hagar Shipley is nearing 90. She has little, she tells us, but her memories. Over several weeks, during which she runs away from her son and daughter-in-law who want to place her in a nursing home, returning to the small town where she grew up and the now-derelict farmhouse where she was married and raised two sons, we follow Hagar in the present and in memories that trace her childhood, marriage in defiance of her father, and later losses. She's fiercely even foolishly proud. Can she make peace with anyone she loves, or is she left to rage against the dying of the light? - IMDb

В основу ленты положен роман канадской писательницы Маргарет Лоренс, повествующий о уже не молодой женщине Хейгар Шипли, вспоминающей свою непростую жизнь.

L'ange de pierre Canada
El Ángel de piedra (cable TV title) Argentina
El Ángel de piedra Spain
Egy Asszony élete Hungary
Îngerul de piatra Romania
Kamienny anioł Poland
Kivienkeli Finland
O Anjo de Pedra Brazil
O Anjo de Pedra Portugal
The Stone Angel Australia
The Stone Angel Canada
The Stone Angel United Kingdom
The Stone Angel USA
Ταξίδι στο παρελθόν Greece
Каменный ангел Russia
天使不流泪 China

Children's Cast:

Connor Price [12] Child Matt
Jordan Todosey [12] Child Lottie
Jason Spevack [10] Child Marvin
Devon Bostick [15] Teen Marvin
Samantha Weinstein [12] Child Hagar
Landon Norris [12] Young John

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