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Exorcist II: The Heretic

The Exorcist 2 (World-wide)
Exorcist 2: The Heretic (USA: alternative spelling)
The Exorcist II (USA: working title)
The Exorcist II: The Heretic (USA: working title)
The Heretic (USA: working title)

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1977 June, 17
118 minutes
Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Production Company:
$ 14 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 30 749 142


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Dr. Gene Tuskin works with troubled children, perhaps none more troubled than Regan MacNeil, who suffers from bad dreams and repressed memories. The memories she represses are of the time she was possessed by a demon. Dr. Tuskin's invention, a device that hypnotizes two persons and links their minds together, reveals that the demon, named Pazuzu, still lurks within her. It is desperate to emerge again and wreak havoc. Meanwhile, Father Philip Lamont is ordered by his cardinal to investigate the death of Father Merrin, the priest who died while performing an exorcism on Regan. Father Lamont undertakes his task reluctantly. He feels unworthy of his assignment. He also feels that Evil is literally an entity and that this entity is winning the battle over Good. His investigation takes him to Africa where he locates another recipient of Merrin's exorcising and learns something fascinating and terrible about locusts. - IMDb

Странные кошмары преследуют Риган МакНил через четыре года после изгнания злого духа из ее тела. Священник-иезуит, посланный Ватиканом, и детский психиатр объединяют свои усилия, чтобы раскрыть тайну подсознания Риган. Действительно ли Пазузу, демон воздуха, вернулся, чтобы снова вселиться в нее? Африканец, который пережил вселение и изгнание этого демона в детстве, может оказаться ключом к разгадке...

De Afvallige (alternative title) Netherlands
Egzorcistas. Eretikas Lithuania
Egzorcysta II: Heretyk Poland
Eksorcisten II: Kætteren Denmark
Esorcista II - L'eretico (alternative title) Italy
L'esorcista II - L'eretico Italy
The Exorcist 2 (World-wide)  
Exorcist 2: The Heretic (alternative spelling) USA
The Exorcist II (working title) USA
The Exorcist II: The Heretic (working title) USA
El Exorcista II - El hereje Peru
Exorcista II - O Herege (alternative spelling) Portugal
Exorcista II: el hereje Mexico
El Exorcista II: el hereje (alternative title) Mexico
El Exorcista II: El hereje Spain
El Exorcista II: El hereje Argentina
Exorcista II: O Herege Portugal
Exorciste II: L'hérétique (French title) Canada
L'exorciste II: L'hérétique France
Exorcisten II - kättaren (Swedish title) Finland
Exorcisten II: Kättaren Sweden
Exorcistern II - Kjetteren Norway
Exorzist II - Der Ketzer West Germany
The Heretic (working title) USA
L'hérétique (L'exorciste II) France
Isterivač đavola 2: Jeretik Serbia
Manaaja 2: Luopio (video box title) Finland
Manaaja II (TV title) Finland
Manaaja II - Luopio (video box title) Finland
Manaaja II: Luopio Finland
O Exorcista II: O Herege Brazil
Az Ördögűző 2. - Az eretnek Hungary
Şeytan II: Aykırı (Turkish title) Turkey
Εξορκιστής ΙΙ: Ο Αιρετικός Greece
Заклинателят II: Еретикът (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Изгоняющий дьявола II: Еретик (Russian title) Soviet Union
Той, що виганяє диявола 2: Єретик Ukraine
エクソシスト2 (Japanese title) Japan
大法師2 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Linda Blair [18] Regan MacNeil
Dana Plato [12] Sandra Phalor
Shane Butterworth [7] Gary Tuskin
Joely Adams Linda Tuskin

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