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Bob le flambeur

Bob Le Flambeur (USA)
Bob le Flambeur (United Kingdom)
Bob the Gambler (Australia)
Fever Heat (USA: dubbed version)

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1956 August, 24
98 minutes
Crime / Drama / Thriller
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 15 586

Bob, an old gangster and gambler is almost broke, so he decides in spite of the warnings of a friend, a high official from the police, to rob a gambling casino in Deauville. Everything is planned exactly, but the police is informed about the planned coup. Meanwhile in the Casino Bob starts to gamble. - IMDb

Als Parijs ontwaakt Netherlands
Bob el jugador Chile
Bob el jugador Spain
Bob el tahúr Uruguay
Bob hazardér Czechoslovakia
Bob hazardér Slovakia
Bob il giocatore Italy
Bob Le Flambeur Canada
Bob Le Flambeur USA
Bob Le Flambeur  
Bob le flambeur Ecuador
Bob le flambeur France
Bob le Flambeur Belgium
Bob le Flambeur Canada
Bob le Flambeur United Kingdom
Bob nagyban játszik Hungary
Bob the Gambler Australia
Bob the Gambler United Kingdom
Bob the Gambler Sweden
Bob the Gambler USA
Bob the Gambler  
Bob, o hartopaiktis (transliterated title) Greece
Bob, o Jogador Brazil
Bob, o kavgatzis (alternative transliteration) Greece
Bob, o tzogadoros (alternative transliteration) Greece
Drei Uhr nachts West Germany
Fever Heat (dubbed version) USA
Kockar Bob Slovenia
Kumarbaz Bob Turkey
Patima riscului Romania
Potpaljivac Bob Yugoslavia
Ryzykant Poland
Seelduivel Belgium
Tobakushi Bobu Japan
Μπομπ ο χαρτοπαίχτης Greece
Μπομπ, ο καβγατζής Greece
Μπομπ, ο τζογαδόρος Greece
Боб ігрець (new title) Ukraine
Боб-прожигатель Soviet Union
Играчът Боб Bulgaria
发热 China
大盗鲍伯 China
賭博師ボブ Japan
賭徒鮑伯 Taiwan
赌徒鲍伯 China
赌徒鲍勃 China
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Children's Cast:

Isabelle Corey [17] Anne

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