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The Forest

My Rating: /10
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2016 January, 7
93 minutes
Horror / Mystery / Thriller
$ 10 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 37 608 299


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The majority of the story is set in and around the Aokigahara Forest, a forest at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan known as a popular destination for suicide. Sara Price (Natalie Dormer), an American woman, receives a phone call from the Japanese police telling her that they think her troubled twin sister Jess Price (also Dormer) is dead, as she was seen going into Aokigahara forest. Despite the concerns of her fiance, Rob, she journeys to Japan and arrives at the hotel where her sister was staying. At her hotel, Sara meets a reporter named Aiden. They drink together, and she tells him of her parents' death. In reality, her father killed her mother, then committed suicide, but she tells him they were killed by a drunk driver. Her sister saw the bodies, but she didn't look. Aiden invites her to go into the forest with him and a park guide, Michi, so she can look for her sister.. - IMDb

Американка Сара отправляется на поиски сестры-близняшки, которая таинственным образом исчезла на японском острове Хонсю. Поиски приводят к подножью горы Фудзи в таинственный лес, который пользуется дурной славой. Сара не подозревала, что она вступает в мрачный мир призраков, злых и измученных душ, которые охотятся на любого, кто блуждает по их мрачному лесу.

El Bosque de los suicidios Spain
El Bosque siniestro Argentina
El Bosque siniestro Chile
El Bosque siniestro Mexico
El Bosque siniestro Peru
El Bosque siniestro (original subtitled version) Uruguay
Demonu miskas Lithuania
Floresta Maldita Brazil
A Floresta Portugal
The Forest - Verlass nie den Weg Germany
La forêt (French title) Canada
La forêt France
Jukai Japan
Jukai - La foresta dei suicidi Italy
JUKAI -樹海- (Japanese title) Japan
Khu Rung Tu Sát Vietnam
Las samobójców Poland
Padurea blestemata Romania
Les sebevrahů Czech Republic
Sötét erdő Hungary
Šuma Serbia
Το δάσος Greece
Гората (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Ліс привидів Ukraine
Лес призраков Russia

Children's Cast:

Misaki Ishii [7] Airport Girl 2
Nadja Mazalica Sara / Jess (Age 6)

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