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Zootopia (Australia)
Zootopia 3D (USA: 3-D version)
Zootropolis (United Kingdom)

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2016 February, 11
108 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Family / Mystery
$ 150 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 1 023 791 895

In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy. - IMDb

Dong wu cheng shi Singapore
Dong wu cheng shi Malaysia
Dong wu fang cheng shi (alternative spelling) Taiwan
Hayvonlar shahri Uzbekistan
Jutopia South Korea
Phi Vụ Động Trời Vietnam
Shahr-e heyvanat Iran
Yau sau dai dou wui (dubbed version) Hong Kong
You shou da dao hui (dubbed version) Hong Kong
Zoomania West Germany
Zootopía Peru
Zootopia India
Zootopia (3-D version)  
Zootopía Mexico
Zootopía Chile
Zootopia (3-D version) Guatemala
Zootopia Australia
Zootopia Canada
Zootopia Indonesia
Zootopia (3-D version) Egypt
Zootopia (3-D version) Belgium
Zootopia South Africa
Zootopia (3-D version) Benin
Zootopia Brazil
Zootopía (3-D version) Uruguay
Zootopia (3-D version)  
Zootopia Ecuador
Zootopia Thailand
Zootopía Argentina
Zootopia (3-D version)  
Zootopia (3-D version) Bangladesh
Zootopia (3-D version) Lebanon
Zootopia India
Zootopia (3-D version) Philippines
Zootopia Canada
Zootopía Colombia
Zootopia Japan
Zootopia Hong Kong
Zootopia USA
Zootopia 3D (3-D version) USA
Zootopia 3D (3-D version) Poland
Zootopia: Essa Cidade é o Bicho Brazil
Zootopia: Qyteti i kafshëve (dubbed version) Albania
Zootopie France
Zootropola Croatia
Zootropole Latvia
Zootropoli (theatrical title) Albania
Zootropolis Ireland
Zootropolis Romania
Zootròpolis Spain
Zootrópolis Spain
Zootropolis Slovenia
Zootropolis Sweden
Zootropolis Denmark
Zootropolis Lithuania
Zootropolis United Kingdom
Zootropolis Netherlands
Zootropolis Israel
Zootropolis Estonia
Zootropolis Italy
Zootrópolis Portugal
Zootropolis - Állati nagy balhé Hungary
Zootropolis - dyreriket Norway
Zootropolis - eläinten kaupunki Finland
Zootropolis: Grad životinja Serbia
Zootropolis: Hayvanlar Şehri (new title) Turkey
Zootropolis: Mesto zvierat Slovakia
Zootropolis: Město zvířat Czechoslovakia
Zuutopia Japan
Zwierzogród Poland
Zwierzogród 3D (3-D version) Poland
Ζωούπολη Greece
Зверополис Russia
Зоотрополіс Ukraine
Зоотропола North Macedonia
Зоотрополис Bulgaria
ズートピア Japan
優獸大都會 (alternative transliteration) Hong Kong
動物方城市 Taiwan
疯狂动物城 China

Children's Cast:

Jackson Stein Jaguar Pretend Actuary / Scout Bully 1 (voice)

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