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Willkommen bei den Hartmanns

Welcome to Germany (USA)

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2016 November, 3
116 minutes
Comedy / Drama
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 28 036 021


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The recently retired teacher Angelika decides, against her skeptical husband Richard's will, to take in a refugee. Soon afterward, the young Nigerian Diallo moves into the Hartmann home, and a whirlwind of complications ensue. These events not only disrupt the lives of Angelika and Richard's adult children Philip and Sophie; they also put their own marriage as well as Diallo's chances of integration to the test. Despite all the chaos, hope prevails that the family will recover its stability, confidence, and peace - like the rest of Germany. - IMDb

Обеспеченная семья из Мюнхена предлагает приют беженцу из Нигерии. Диалло быстро нашел друзей среди членов семьи, но теперь им предстоит столкнуться с нетерпимостью по отношению к своему новому другу со стороны местной общины.

Benvenuto in Germania! Italy
Bienvenido a Alemania Argentina
Bienvenidos a Alemania Spain
Bun venit în Germania Romania
Isten hozott Németországban Hungary
Vitajte u Hartmannovcov Slovakia
Vítejte u Hartmannů Czechoslovakia
Welcome to Germany  
Welcome to Germany USA
Welcome to Germany United Kingdom
Willkommen bei den Hartmanns Austria
Willkommen bei den Hartmanns West Germany
Witamy u Hartmannów Poland
Добро пожаловать к Хартманнам Russia
はじめてのおもてなし Japan
歡迎來到德國 Taiwan

Children's Cast:

Marinus Hohmann [12] Basti Hartmann

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