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Stepfather II

Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy (USA)
Stepfather II (Australia)
Stepfather II: Make Room for Daddy (USA)

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1989 November, 3
United Kingdom
93 minutes
Horror / Thriller
$ 1 500 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 1 519 796


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The Stepfather escapes an insane asylum and winds up in another town, this time impersonating a marriage counselor. Now he seems to have found the perfect future wife, with a stepson who loves him. However, other people try to get in his way to marry her. They are interfering! One by one the Stepfather eliminates anyone who stands in his way to a perfect family. - IMDb

Джерри Блейк сбегает из психиатрической лечебницы, где находился после своей последней неудавшейся попытки расправиться с «новой» семьёй. Он берет себе новое имя Генри и женится на женщине по имени Кэрол, у которой есть сын. Через некоторое время его снова толкают на кровавые подвиги поиски «совершенной американской семьи»…

Le beau-père 2 France
Exapsi vias 2 (transliterated title) Greece
Isäpuoli 2 Finland
Isäpuoli II Finland
A Mostohaapa 2. Hungary
La muerte ronda a cada paso II Argentina
O Padrasto Assassino Portugal
Očuh 2 Serbia
Ojczym 2 Poland
El Padrastro 2 Mexico
El Padrastro II Spain
El Padrastro II Peru
Il patrigno II Italy
Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy USA
Stepfather II Australia
Stepfather II Canada
Stepfather II Canada
Stepfather II United Kingdom
Stepfather II (video box title) Netherlands
Stepfather II Philippines
Stepfather II Singapore
Stepfather II West Germany
The Stepfather II (video box title) Finland
Stepfather II: Make Room for Daddy USA
A Volta do Padrasto Brazil
Втори баща 2 Bulgaria
Отчим 2 Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Jonathan Brandis [13] Todd Grayland

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