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Toy Story

Toy Story in 3-D (USA: promotional title)

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1995 November, 19
81 minutes
Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
$ 30 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 406 594 102


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A little boy named Andy loves to be in his room, playing with his toys, especially his doll named "Woody". But, what do the toys do when Andy is not with them, they come to life. Woody believes that he has life (as a toy) good. However, he must worry about Andy's family moving, and what Woody does not know is about Andy's birthday party. Woody does not realize that Andy's mother gave him an action figure known as Buzz Lightyear, who does not believe that he is a toy, and quickly becomes Andy's new favorite toy. Woody, who is now consumed with jealousy, tries to get rid of Buzz. Then, both Woody and Buzz are now lost. They must find a way to get back to Andy before he moves without them, but they will have to pass through a ruthless toy killer, Sid Phillips. - IMDb

Каждый ребенок верит, что когда он оставляет свои игрушки одни, они начинают заниматься своими делами. Мальчику Эдди дарят новую игрушку - космического рейнджера База Цветика. Теперь Баз - любимая игрушка мальчика. Этим страшно недоволен ковбой Вудди - прежний любимец Эдди. При переезде Вуди скидывает База в окно. Об этом узнают другие игрушки и выкидывают Вуди туде же. Теперь им обоим необходимо найти путь домой и два заклятых врага становятся лучшими друзьями...

Cau Chuyen Do Choi Vietnam
Histoire de jouets (French title) Canada
I istoria ton paihnidion (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Iсторiя iграшок Ukraine
Leikfangasaga (dubbed version) Iceland
Lelulugu Estonia
Oyuncak Hikayesi (Turkish title) Turkey
Priča o igračkama Croatia
Priča o igračkama 3D Croatia
Priča o igračkama Serbia
Satamashoebis istoria Georgia
Svet igrac Slovenia
Toy Story (Juguetes) (complete title) Spain
Toy story - Boj hraciek Slovakia
Toy Story - Il mondo dei giocattoli Italy
Toy story - Játékháború Hungary
Toy story - leksaksliv (Swedish title) Finland
Toy Story - Leluelämää Finland
Toy story - Príbeh hracek Czech Republic
Toy Story in 3-D (promotional title) USA
Toy Story: Os Rivais Portugal
Toy Story: Um Mundo de Aventuras (première title) Brazil
Tzatzooa Shel Sippur (Hebrew title) Israel
Zaislu istorija Lithuania
Η ιστορία των παιχνιδιών Greece
Играта на играчките (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
История игрушек Russia

Children's Cast:

Erik von Detten [13] Sid (voice)
Cody Dorkin [10] Kid (voice)
Ryan O'Donohue [11] Kid (voice)
Gregory Grudt [9] Kid (voice)

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Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 406 594 102
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