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The Perfect Weapon

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1991 March, 15
83 minutes
Action / Crime / Drama
Production Company:
$ 10 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 14 061 361

Jeff, a young delinquent, is enrolled by his father in a kenpo school, in the hopes of teaching the boy some self-discipline. Years later, Jeff's mentor, Kim, is being threatened by one of the Korean mafia families. Jeff tries to help his old friend, but is too late to prevent Kim's death at the hands of an unknown hitman. Vowing revenge, Jeff takes on all of the families, using his martial arts skills to find the man who killed his friend. - IMDb

Arma perfecta Romania
Arma perfecta Spain
El Arma perfecta Argentina
El Arma perfecta Peru
A Arma Perfeita Brazil
A Arma Perfeita Portugal
Arma perfetta Italy
L'arme parfaite France
Eine perfekte Waffe Germany
Kusursuz silah (Turkish title) Turkey
Niezawodna obrona Poland
Perfect weapon - Täydellinen ase Finland
Tigristánc Hungary
To teleio oplo (transliterated title) Greece
Το τέλειο όπλο (1991) Greece
Совершенное оружие (Russian title) Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Dante Basco [15] Jimmy Ho
Micah Roberts Jeff - Age 11
Ryan Bohannon Adam - Age 6
Justin Webb Adam - Age 12

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