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Mees Kees langs de lijn

Mister Twister at the Pitch (World-wide)

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2016 December, 7
Comedy / Family
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 2 730 199

The school where Mees Kees works is participating in a future project. Despite all creative ideas Mees Kees and his class have, director Dreus has them implementing her ideas about the project. She wants class 6B to participate in the school football tournament. Mees Kees doesn't know anything about football and doesn't even know how to play football. What begins as a fun challenge, ends in chaos when the mother of Mees Kees gets sick. Dreus replaces him as football coach, while Mees does his best to get the house tidied up. Fortunately Mees can always count on his energetic pupils, who use their creativity, humor and enthusiasm to solve everything! - IMDb

Mister Twister at the Pitch (World-wide)  

Children's Cast:

Ole Kroes Sep
Jelle Stout Tobias
Tijn Ras [11] Koen
Roosmarijn van der Hoek Jacky
Polleke van der Sman Aukje
Lisa Lapré Manon
Samuel Liasam Wahed
Maurits van Brakel Fred
Keara Patti Hasna
Laysa el Madkouri Rachida
Jack Meershoek Sammy
Serenity Otte Lisa
Kayen Thodé Winston
Thijs van de Veen Tom

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