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The Wailing (Australia)

My Rating: /10
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2016 May, 12
South Korea
156 minutes
Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
$ 6 420 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 49 851 770


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In the small village Goksung in South Korea, police officer Jong-Goo investigates bizarre murders caused by a mysterious disease. His partner tells a gossip for him that a Japanese stranger that lives in a secluded house in the mountains would be an evil spirit responsible for the illness. Jong-Goo decides to visit the Japanese with his partner and a young priest that speaks Japanese. They find an altar with a goat head and pictures of the infected people that died on the walls. However they are attacked by the guard dog and they only can leave the place when the stranger arrives. Jong-Goo finds one shoe of his beloved daughter Hyo-jin in the house of the stranger and soon she becomes sick. His mother-in-law summons the shaman Il-gwang to save her granddaughter while a mysterious woman tells Jong-Goo that the stranger is the responsible. Who might be the demon that is bringing sickness to Goksung? - IMDb

В отдаленной лесной деревне Коксон происходят ужасные вещи — люди вдруг покрываются язвами, странно себя ведут и даже нападают на своих родных. Уже произошло несколько убийств. Полиция в растерянности. Судя по слухам, виноваты то ли какие-то ядовитые грибы, то ли приезжий японец. Местный полицейский Чон-гу смотрит на происходящее довольно отстранённо, но ровно до тех пор, пока этот кошмар не касается его дочери.

El Extraño Spain
Gok-sung (alternative transliteration) South Korea
Gokseong (alternative spelling) South Korea
Goksung - La presenza del diavolo Italy
Jecaji Serbia
Kara Büyü (Turkish title) Turkey
Kokszongi sirató (festival title) Hungary
Kvílení (festival title) Czech Republic
Lament Poland
El Lamento Panama
O Lamento Portugal
O Lamento Brazil
En presencia del diablo Argentina
Satul blestemat Romania
The Strangers France
The Wailing Australia
The Wailing Sweden
The Wailing Denmark
The Wailing UK
The Wailing USA
The Wailing (English title) Italy
The Wailing (World-wide)  
The Wailing: Die Besessenen Germany
Виття Ukraine
Вопль Russia
哭声 コクソン (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Hwan-hee Kim Hyo-jin

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