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Slappy and the Stinkers

Stinkers (USA: working title)

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1998 January, 23
78 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 80 837


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Five 2nd-grade kids who don't follow strict rules by their school principal Brinway are dubbed "Stinkers" by him. On the class visit to an aquarium the Stinkers decide that a sea lion called Slappy doesn't feel too good there, "free" him, and plant him into Brinway's hot-tub. - IMDb

Ученики Дартмурской школы получили от своего директора прозвище "вонючки". Детишки они действительно изобретательные. Из пылесоса и стула изготовили летательный аппарат, чем сорвали концерт. Во время экскурсии в океанариуме они обнаружили морского льва по кличке Хлопушка и решили его освободить...

Fókaütők bandája Hungary
Free Slappy (English title) Japan
O Slappy & oi Stinkers (video title) Greece
Sacré Slappy (French title) Canada
Sacré Slappy France
Slappy - Occhio alla pinna Italy
Slappy - vallaton veijari Finland
Slappy e a Turma Brazil
Slappy och busligan Sweden
Slappy und die Rasselbande Germany
Slappy y Los Mofetas (Castilian title) Spain
Slappy y los Mofetas Spain
Stinkers (working title) USA
Пльок и Смръдльовците (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Хлопушка и Вонючки Russia

Children's Cast:

Joseph Ashton [11] Sonny
Travis Tedford [9] Loaf
Carl Michael Lindner [10] Witz
Gary LeRoi Gray [10] Domino
Spencer Klein [11] Spencer Dane Jr.
Scarlett Pomers [9] Lucy
Richard Taylor Olson Max Straus

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