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Life Goes On (TV series)

Glenbrook (USA)
Life Goes On (USA)

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1989 September, 12
60 minutes
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 7 025


A TV-series about the life of the Thatchers, especially "Corky", that has Down syndrome but goes to ordinary school ("mainstreaming). We get into their problems and joys. Drew Thatcher's dream comes true when he is able to open his own restaurant, but it's a hard business, and he often run into problems. Becca has a constant crush on Tyler, but he's not available. He and his girlfriend, Rona, break up and get together all the time. Libby Thatcher hates her boss, and quits her job. After a while she finds out that she's pregnant, and that her boss is desperate to get her back. She starts working for him again, after getting better paid, among other things. Meanwhile, "Corky" has problems with keeping up at school and accepting who he is. He fights his battles, and wins. - IMDb

Alles Okay, Corky? West Germany
Corky, un adolescent pas comme les autres France
Corky: La fuerza del cariño Argentina
Dzień za dniem Poland
Elämä voittaa Finland
Az Élet megy tovább Hungary
Una famiglia come tante Italy
A Fuerza de cariño Spain
Glenbrook USA
Life Goes On Ecuador
Life Goes On USA
Life Goes On Canada
Life Goes On Australia
Life Goes On United Kingdom
Life Goes On Netherlands
Life Goes On Canada
Life Goes On South Korea
Life Goes On South Africa
Livet går videre Norway
La vida continúa Mexico
La vida continúa Peru
Живот иде даље Serbia
Жизнь продолжается Soviet Union
コーキーとともに Japan

Children's Cast:

Ami Foster [15] Tara Carlson (TV Episode: It Ain't All It's Cracked up to Be) (1990)
Bradley Pierce [8] Boy (TV Episode: The Visitor) (1990)
Brady Bluhm [9] Boy (TV Episode: Confessions) (1992)
Seth Green [16] William Butler (TV Episode: The Spring Fling) (1990)
Josh Wolford Cupid (TV Episode: Isn't It Romantic?) (1991)
Grant Gelt [11] Aaron (TV Episode: Isn't It Romantic?) (1991)
Spencer Klein [7] Nick at 6 (TV Episode: Life Goes on (and on and On)) (1993)
Heather Lind De Vore Young Becca (TV Episode: Libby's Sister) (1990)
Scott Weinger [14] Steve Smith (TV Episode: Corky for President) (1989)
Jacob Gelman Billy Graber (TV Episode: The Baby-Sitter) (1989)
Kellie Martin [14] Becca Thatcher

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Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 7 025