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Righteous Kill

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

2008 September, 10
101 minutes
Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
$ 60 000 000
Cumulative Worldwide Gross:
$ 79 498 846


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Righteous Kill pairs two cinematic icons whose previous screen collaboration, Michael Mann's 1995 Heat, was absolutely electrifying despite minimal time together in a long movie. Now in their mid-60s, De Niro and Pacino are playing veteran cops who, despite being grizzled, should look much younger than these actors. The incongruent casting makes the dark story improbable from the get-go, and things get worse as dialogue by screenwriter Russell Gurwitz quickly sounds like a parody of vintage cop movie cliches. It's a strain to find anything that works. The two leads play longtime detectives and partners whose weariness with rapists, murderers, pedophiles and other villains appears linked to the acts of a serial killer taking out bad guys who got away with heinous crimes. A videotape confession by De Niro's tightly-coiled Turk--who has been seeking the killer with Pacino's Rooster--would seem to establish his ties to the events. But the movie isn't over until it's over, assuming one is still with the movie after plodding along with its facsimile of noir conviction. Director Jon Avnet never gets a handle on Righteous Kill's gritty heart, superficially pushing suspense along with heavy-handed editing, and adding unpersuasive sauce in the form of Turk's somewhat S&M sexual relationship with a female cop (Carla Gugino). Giving the proceedings sort of a boost are Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo as a younger pair of sleuths working the same case. This could easily have been a better movie with those two in the leads.

Неуловимый убийца-мститель с помощью пистолета вершит свое правосудие над преступниками, сумевшими ускользнуть из лап Закона. Напарники Дэвид Фиск и Томас Кован получают это запутанное дело. Однако неожиданный ход киллера путает все карты, и друзья оказываются под подозрением у своих же коллег. Теперь им нужно любой ценой найти настоящего стрелка, чтобы снять с себя обвинение в серийных убийствах...

As Duas Faces da Lei Brazil
Asesinato justo Spain
Border (English title) Japan
A Dupla Face da Lei Portugal
Frente a frente Mexico
Kurzer Prozess - Righteous Kill Germany
Las dos caras de la ley Uruguay
Las dos caras de la ley Argentina
Las dos caras de la ley Peru
La loi et l'ordre France
Meurtre légitime (French title) Canada
Õigustatud tapmine Estonia
Oikeuden kasvot Finland
Orijinal cinayet (ler) (Turkish title) Turkey
Ou fonefseis (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) Greece
Pravedno ubojstvo Croatia
Pravicni umor Slovenia
Pravicno ubistvo (Serbian title) Yugoslavia
Sfida senza regole Italy
A Törvény gyilkosa Hungary
Zawodowcy Poland
Ου φονεύσεις Greece
Праведно убийство (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Право на вбивство Ukraine

Children's Cast:

Taylor E. Brown Cowan's Daughter

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